Any problems with rev limiter on vortex ignition

Has anyone had any rev limiter problems using the vortex ignition? I had my head done buy a well respected shop with oversized s/s valves & springs, the whole set-up, using a stage 2 cam, je piston & vortex ignition. I had a problem with the s/s intake valves floating & sent the head back & had ti intakes with bronze seats installed. Everything ran good for three supermoto race weekend than POP!!! One of the exhaust valve heads broke & took out the whole top end. :naughty: All the clearances were checked & OK. The only thing we can think of is that the rev limiter is ether not working or set too high & the exhaust valve floated & hooked the intake valve. Has anyone had any problems with this? Is there a way to check the rev limit, possibly on a dyno?

By the way this is an 04 crf 450 used for supermoto.

It possible to do an electrical bench test on them without risking a motor. Vortex should be all set up to test them. Have you called them?

I called them yesterday. They said to send it to them & they will test it. They said they will hook it up to a bike & run it on the dyno. Hope it doesn't brake there bike too.

What valve springs are you using? Hope not R/D.

No, I'm using kibble white springs. I had 2mm over ti intake valves with bronze seats & 1mm over s/s kibble white exhaust valves. The exhaust valves only weigh 1 gram more than the stock valves & with the stiffer springs there shouldn't have been any problems running that ignition with the rev limit set 500 rpm over the stock limit.

My vortex has been working fine (thank God, because I roadrace it and it lives on the revlimiter).

If it does break the bike at Vortex, you may get some help with your repairs, cross your fingers.

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