YZ250F Spark Arrestor...

Would a Pro Moto Billet spark arrestor end cap for a YZ250F (2001-2005) work for a 2003 WR250F with a stock pipe on it??


If not, what's a good spark arrestor out there?? nothin to expensive... There any FMF Pipe's..? What would you all recommend thats a fair price that would maybe get more performance out of the bike??

The stock WR pipe already has a spark arrestor unless it's been removed.

IIRC, the stock '04 and older WR pipe is round. The YZ pipe is oval, so the PMB will not fit.

If it has been removed, then just get a YZ pipe on Ebay and put a PMB arrestor and silent insert on it and you'll be stylin'

I think the YZ pipe is half the weight of the '05 WR pipe, and the '04 and older WR pipe is a boat anchor compared to the '05 pipe.

What pipe should i get for my '03 WR250F then??? My limit is max $300 IF i have to.... There anything good under that price?? Any special places i should go to?? I've been lookin at some FmF Pipes... Not sure what to get right now... Give me some thoughts.

The FMF-Q is a decent pipe and just under $300.

I managed to score on ebay... got two YZ pipes, one with the ProMotoBillet spark arrestor, both for $110. Another $30 took care of the PMB silent insert.

Why two pipes? The one with the PMB cap was a cutoff shorty, the other one was stock. Both from the same seller. $55 + $26 plus shipping.

It really is tough to beat the YZ pipe. You can get a pipe that delivers a LITTLE more in SOME areas of the power band, but for a good solid all around pipe that totally rocks on trails and is competitive on the track, the YZ pipe is awesome.

If you DO get a YZ pipe, make sure that it comes with the clamp and slip-on bushing. If not, grab them from the dealer. The OD of the YZ pipe is a little smaller than the WR where it slips over the header, so the clamp and bushing from the WR cannot be used.

Wheels, dont forget the longer bolt for the yz pipe as well.

So, can i get like an '03 YZ pipe and throw it on my '03 WR??? does the year matter?? If not, ill just get w/e year YZ pipe and put the PMB end cap on it.... and call it good.

WR250f-Rider I have a 2003 stock YZ250F pipe that comes with a Pro Moto Billet spark arrester end cap that's for sale. PM me if you're interested.

Wheels, dont forget the longer bolt for the yz pipe as well.

Yup... the DrD kit includes the bushing, washer, bolt, and a flanged tube. The used YZ pipe SHOULD include the bushing and flanged tube, but the WR bolt is too short.

It's a direct bolt-on with the DrD kit... and if the used pipe has the bushing, then you have extra parts.


For the '05 WR, no trimming of the rear fender plastic is needed. I've heard that it is needed on the older models.

I just found out yesterday that the stock pipe on the '03 wr250f is legal... it has a spark arrestor in it... i found out from PMB and some friends of ours.. We're gonna pull the end cap off and check to make sure there is a spark arrestor in it. We also need to go buy the silencer because the previous owner took out the baffle and it made it way to loud... I think I'm exceeding the db limit now... David, I will PM you if we end up deciding to get the YZ pipe.... thanks.

Ya... stock '04 and earlier with the baffle pulled is louder than the stock YZ pipe.

I'm gonna go riding next saturday and test it out... that thing heats up fast, i burned my pants today.... i guess thats why you wear your boots even when riding around your yard.. heh. Would Engine Ice for the radiator keep the temperatures down a little bit??

My buddy burned his too. Remember that it will run leaner on an unplugged pipe, and that will raise the exhaust temps. Engine Ice won't make a difference in exhaust temps.

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