a little problem

ok on my 05 450.. i was riding it sunday and it runs great .. but one time i was about 1/4 throttle and just went too about half throttle and it fell right on its face did not die .. it only did this one time.. the other thing is when i would go too take off it would die and pop it only did this like 2 or 3 times out of 2 days riding it... im running 50/50 mix 94/110 .. think that could be the problem ? i know i should run 92 .. :naughty: .. also i belive its running rich from idle.. it blubbers alittle bit soo .. i richen it up got worst soo leaned it out got alittle better but its still there a little bit.. im around 800 ft

also im thinking of running u4 where do i buy 55 gallon drum ??

anyone ? ?

well you should not ever mix fuels,

your just asking for jetting problems and goofy stuff.

but yes with the racing fuels you will be ritch , except the u4 , it is so heavily oxygenated you need one or possable 2 sizes on main jets.

you cant leave it in the bike at all,

you need to store it in a steel container under 85 degrees, in the dark.

the fuel you take out and use you cant put back into the fuel your saving.

you should flush the carb every time and let sit with pump in it so the carb wont dry out.

you can just call vp and order it and have it sent to your door in 55 gal drums, thats how its delivered .

I have been mixing 110/93 in my 04 450 for a while, and havent noticed a problem, yet. Can you elaborate on what might happen. I dont want to create a problem.

anyone ? ?

I dont know if this is your problem but, on my 450 this has happened twice now , small rocks the size of the head of a pin have found thier way to the float bowl ,they suck up to the main jet under hard acceleration or when hitting bumps and the engine shuts off for a second ,just drop the bottom of the float bowl down with out dumping it out and look in it real close :naughty:

well race fuel is made fairly consistant and they all use different make ups and chemicales to just make their fuel.

its a specific gravity and could have lots of advantages for the racer .

now pump fuel is the worst and it is so different every week you never know what you will get, from gravity or Resistance from detonation ( octane ).

when you mix it with race fuel you are wasting the race fuel and you can end up with a chemical working against another and not mixing correctly and get weird problems with driveability.

the newer cars can deal somewhat with the low volatility heave specific gravity and water within the alcohol that you get in pump fuel because of the computers and different adapt cells designed to run on this stuff and it can make jetting changes 100 times a second to keep the car kinda running smooth.

but a carb on a bike can not change and is at the mercy of what you put in it and it will bog cough and spit up at just the wrong time and can put you on your head,

not to mention the detonation you get with it , the damage can be very bad.

the fuel here in az will detonate very Early in almost all the bikes and it does ruin them .

Would I be better off just running the 110 straight? I have read many on here saying that they advise to use only 94 octane. What seems to be the best for the longevity and performance of the crf 450?

yeah thats one reason i perfer running race gas becouse its made constint and right eveytime soo.. like the post above should i just run it strait right now till i get u4 ?

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