Help For Rim


Well....doing 50 down a jeep path this weekend and hit one hell of a rut.

put a nice warp in the back rim.

I could ride it back..and it didn't blow the tire....but it's definitely there.

I think I can just hammer it out with a rubber hammer...but one question.

Would you guys put some heat on it...or just hammer it "cold"?

I'd do it cold if I did it at all.

I've had sucess putting my back wheel in a large vise. Put a 1 foot section of 2X4 behind it to prevent bending the straight side and a small piece of wood (1 inch by 1 inch square) right on the bend and used the vise to bend it back. Worked pretty well. I tryed the dead blow rubber hammer thing and the rim just laughed at me. It took my several tries at squeezing it with the vise to get it straight. The aluminum will flex back a little bit s you have to over bend it a little to end up straight. Didn't even leave a mark on the wheel. Good Luck.

I did two big dings last week. Got forced into jumping a 10 in square curb by a lady in a SUV (like THAT was a surprise) that turned left in front of me. I saw it coming and turned with her but the curb was in the way. The people in the gas station were a bit surprised by an airborne dirt bike flying into the fueling and I survived but sustained a ding in both front and rear rims. The rear was worst since I had my weight way back when I hit the curb.

Best way to straighten it out was to remove the wheel, tire and tube.

Place support the other side of the rim with wood (2X4s or 4X4s)

Loosen the spoke or spokes that will try to prevent the rim from moving in the direction you desire.

Slowly (and cold to answer your first question) beat the dent out.

I tried using a rubber mallet at first but only suceeded in bouncing the mallet higher and higher....the rims are tough.

Finally got results with a plactic dead blow hammer (the kind with steel shot inside the head.

Remove dents, tighten and retrue wheel/spokes and I'm good as new....well almost. I guess if it were a roadracer or bike I was riding at high speeds the rims really should be replaced for perfect safety, but I figure it's a dirt bike and rims are gonna get hit.

Hope this helps

Ray(a bigger hammer is alway better)Stedronsky

Davis, CA

Thanks guys...appreciate it.

Now to gotake off my terraflex...what a pain in the A$$.

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