Same bike for super moto and enduro?

I want to try the sportsman class supermoto with my WR 250 but I'm not sure I want to lose my "dirt" bike in the process. Is it reasonable to just swap tires to try it out or do I need to change gearing, Brakes, rims etc just to make it worth it. And once it's done, do I need to get another dirtbike. These arent changes that would only take a few minutes. As far as I can tell it's a pretty serious committment. Sure looks like fun though. Anyone out there that has light to shed would be appreciated. :naughty:

You can probably start out in the sportsman class and see how you like it before you invest a bunch of cash in the sport. If you get into it the aset of wheels set up for supermoto is probably all you would need.


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