Are yz250f's suppose to have any top end noise?

Hi again! I have a 2002 yamaha yz250f. If I stand next to or even about 5 feet away from my bike when it's idling I hear, of course, the exhaust but I also hear alot of top end noise. Is this normal? Thanx.

stick a 18" piece of garden hose in your ear and the other eand against the side of the cylinder. If it's louder there than it is when putting it on the cam cover, it could be the wrist pin has worn.

or maybe cam chain slap? :naughty:

you can also use a flat head screw driver put the handle to your ear and touch the driver tip to different places on the cylinder head and engine etc. you can really isolate the noise this way. just don't burn your ear or any other body part.

It is normal to hear some topend noise because of the double overhead cam configuration. If you are getting timing chain slap that isnt good. I would advise you take the valve cover off and check your valve clearances (its actually pretty easy to do). ALso check your timing chain for wear and make sure it has free movement. My son's 250F grenaded because the timing chain got stiff and it costed me $2,000.00 to fix.

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