O/T - Need advise

Gents, #1 son, now 14 years old, has virtually outgrown his TTR125L. I need advise on what to get next.

He is 5'9" and 155 Lbs and still growing! Size 11 shoes! Trail rides with me mostly, wants more power, and some small jumping ability. Probably won't ever get too aggressive, just not his nature.

Thinking of the following: TTR250, DRZ250, KLX300...or :naughty: Help me out, I need advise on what to hunt for.

I've even thought about another DRZ400, he has ridden mine a couple of times and likes it, my concern is how heavy it is for him.

I know some of you have been down this path. Share your experiences please. Oh, he doesn't want a 2 smoke, and he doesn't like Hondas!

If he's 5'9"/155/11-shoe and still growing, someting tells me he could handle a DRZ400 just fine. I'm about the same specs...plus about 20 pounds. Then again, I haven't seen how he handles your bike.

edit: Honda question removed after reading your last sentence. :naughty:

The WR250 comes to mind, or a KDX200, it so much like a 4 stroke!! :naughty:

Has he ever mentioned the weight of your DRZ after riding it or is it just a thought running through your mind at this point? Imagine how convenient it would be to have two DRZs - one service manual, same maintenance procedures, same plugs, same filters, etc. :naughty:

14, 5'9", 155....since Honda's are ruled out (otherwise CRF250X) I'd say a DRZ. He's plenty big enough and doesn't have to bench the bike, just lift it when he drops it. Possibly a WR250F, but if was me I'd go with the DRZ.

How about the KLR 250 ? Street legal, and he'll be 16 before you know it. Trust me! i've got 4

While my riding buddy is only 12 at this point, likes Hondas, and wants a 2 stroke for the next bike.. I'll chime in anyway, :naughty:

I'll seconded the DRZ400 reply of others, so long as HE is ok with that.

Next up would be a wr250, with the free mods, updated cam, I've ridden with some good guys, bigger then your boy riding that bike. It goes when asked.. goes any where that the rider wants. And seems to be reliable.

To bad about the Honda thing, seems like an XR400 would be just the bike.

I'll throw the DR 350 into the mix in addition to the other fine suggestions made. I'm guessing you're not interested in spending a lot of $$ now because he may want something else later on. OTOH, if you do get the DRZ, then he can't outgrow it.

Matching 400, when he turns 16 you guys can do DS rides together!

I say go for the Kawazuki KDLRZX also.


I'm 5'9" 180 and this was my first off road bike since i was a kid. I dont regret it for a second. if you can swing the deniro for a second 400 I'd say go for it. and think of the convinience of having a pair of them. All those interchangable parts. :naughty:


Mike - :naughty:

You guys are reading my mind :D (It's a short read of course :D )

I love the second 400 for all the obvious reasons. I know he's gonna bulk up, I'm 6'2" and 215 (no doughnut jokes :D ) and feel like the 400 would be the ticket soon enough.

The WR250 is also a good option, might be fun to have something alittle different in the stable as well :naughty: . The XR is out, he "demands" e-start, plus the Honda thing which goes back to him being a huge McGrath fan.

Anybody got any experience with the DRZ/KLX 250's? Or the KLX300R? :naughty:

If you wish to buy only one more bike as he develops...instead of feeding additional development stages...I would really lean to the drz.

If he is uncomfortable with that idea...I'd probably look closely at the KLX300. I have seen them dual sported. I don't think they come with e-start however. I think they are kickers only.

Didn't know that about the 300, good point.............

:naughty: Maybe a Green 400 :naughty:

A buddy of mine has a KLX300 and he absolutely loves it! But, it is kick-only.

The drz 250 is a bike that is often overlooked. My buddy has one, he loves it. I have rode it a couple times, it is has more snap than an xr 250, and it is electric start. Seems to be low maintenance and rock solid like its big brother.

The DRZ250 doesn't look too bad. It has a 6 speed gearbox and holds more fuel than the 400 - that's interesting. But, what about the forks...are they damper rod forks or cartridge type? :naughty:

The KDX200 and 220 are such sweet bikes, and are the only 2 smokes MXJunky would ever consider owning (...125s are fun too, but not so much on the trail). Keep him from getting lazy, like MXJunky, and get him a bike that has no electric start... KLX300? MXJunky would say an XR250, but it looks as though Hondas are out of the question ( :naughty: ).

Does the kid maintain his bike properly? If so, get him a modern 250 thumper. If not, look at something more bulletproof.

As mentioned, the KLX300 is a kicker only, but really easy to kick!

I had one and really liked it. It was the most nimble bike I have ever ridden and I could attack trails with finesse because I knew the bike would turn on a dime. I would take a KLX300 chasis/suspension over the DRZ any day of the week.

The down-side for me was that I was getting towards the 200lb mark and it was a bit under powered and as I got really back into riding I kind of out grew it.

I next went to an XR400 that I liked because they are goats for trails, but I soon discovered how un-refined they are. It was also funny that a 2000 XR400 is nearly the same bike as the XR350 model from the 80's.

When I finally got my DRZ, it was love at first ride. I sold the XR and was on the DRZ two days later. These bikes cannot be compared because the DRZ is so far superior. Yes, it has an e-button and I love it.


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