this bike did not miss, painful crash vid

If the kid tried harder he probably could have pulled off a complete 360 frontflip on his bike!

owwwwwwwww and he was twitching. He will be surfing on how to preload and position himself for jumps after that

I can't view it because of my cyber sheriff at work. Can someone host it with windows media, please?

Ouch!!! Not being a jumper(myself) why did the front drop out like that, it dropped as soon as it cleared...I guess you see why I don't do much jumping, but that front to me just dropped to fast..


He wasn't twitching, he was coughing, trying to un-collapse his lungs...ouch.

As far as why the front dropped, it was most likely because he tried jumping while sitting down...stand your ass up when you jump so you have some room to control the bike in the air. He was at the mercy of that bike as soon as the rear tire left the ground.

I just went back over the vid. The kid was panic reving it right off the face of the jump. maybe his rear rebound setting is jacked?

That's funny. How come I can't save the movie from that page?

man, that was brutal...I'd probably laugh if it wasnt a kid...if that kid ever jumps a bike again, he should start out with a lot smaller jump and stand the heck up...

First time I watched with no sound and assumed he chopped the throttle. Now that I watched it again with sound I guess yall are right. gotta stand up. I've never tried jumping while sitting down - at least a real atempt -vs- "I'm tired and done so I'm rolling this jump" sit down.

At least he was wearing gear :naughty:


He was in too high of a gear too as is evidence by a lack of RPM's (Until he panic-rev'd). Yes, it would of helped to get into attack position too but if he yanked the throttle a bit he would of been ok.

STUPID HURTS.......Nuff Said

Ouch!!! Not being a jumper(myself) why did the front drop out like that, it dropped as soon as it cleared...I guess you see why I don't do much jumping, but that front to me just dropped to fast..


I'm not an expert and make no claims for perfection but I've done a few jumps and the comon ingredients are listed below. Perhaps some more experienced riders can add more details. Approach the jump with enough speed that:

1) you get some air :naughty:

2) you land near where you want to land when you come down :naughty:

3) you want to be in a high enough gear that you still have some power but not reving the engine :D

4) lean forward while going off the face of the jump. :D

5) Stay either constant on the throttle or accelerating a little as you go off the jump. DO NOT let off the throttle like that kid did. sometimes you can let off a little if you really know what you're doing but it's safer to just tap the brakes.

If the front starts to go down give it a little throttle in the air, this will help lift the front. If the front goes to high and the back is going to low pull in the clutch and hit the rear brakes. All this takes practice and I keep practicing this on small jumps before doing it on big ones.

I think that kid probably was going at a pretty good speed and let off the throttle completely as he went off the jump. At his speed I think what happened would be expected. Ironically a more aggressive jumper wouldn't have had the front drop because they would have stayed on the gas. I don't know why he went so fast if that was his first time.

Ya, I looked at it and I thought the same thing as you Flash - that he let go of the throttle at the base of the jump. But when I turned up the sound, it didn't seem like he dropped throttle so I was confused as to why it happened until I noticed he was just sitting on the seat.

What's more confusing is why he was going that fast for his first jump. That vid made me rethink how comfortable I am in the air, hehe.

huh that looked like fun

That is at Parkers track in Hope Mills, NC. We practice there sometimes. It is a supercross style track but has changed quite a bit since then. There are a lot of local GI's that get hurt there because they ride over their heads. I try to stay away from there if i can because they can be very unpredictable. Mr. Parker (guy with the hat on) passed last year on his tractor while working on the track. He was a helluva guy. Used to sit out there all day and drink beer and smoke cigars and watch everyone enjoy his track. RIP Mr. Parker.

Sitting down has something to do with the fact that he ate shit, He needid to blip the throttle off the lip to raise the front end. Do any of you watch supercross? Its called a seat bounce.

Looks to me like he was standing up but the rear end kickup so fast by the time he is off the lip the rear fender is allready hitting him in the butt. He's definitley standing at the base of the jump. Freeze the frame right before he takes off. Still looks to me like he's standing.

He panic reved when the front end started dropping, thats good. His head was up over the bars going up the face, so body position is decent. But he didn't drive off the face of the jump sounded like trailing throttle all the way up till he panic revved it. But I've trailed the throttle on a two stroke without disaster. I also seat bounce jumps all the time, sometimes just to save energy cause its easier to stand after you are in the air. But then again the CRF450 has to be one of the best seated (or standing) jumpers of all time.

My money is on a serious bike set up issue. Like way too light on both compression and rebound. Light compression lets the rear spring compress more when you hit the face of the jump and the light rebound lets it unload fast as soon as the front wheel leaves the lip, starting the nose down rotation.

I had a buddy spend 10 days ICU & lost a kidney endoing a 70ft table. He had his weight back (bad) and the bikes shock was valved & set for enduro work. When that loaded spring rebounded he had no chance. He was destined to endo from that point on. I spent a lot of time studying jumping after his fiasco cause it was a really scary situation. His lungs filled with fluid after a about a week cause he was just lying in bed and couldn't get anything but shallow breaths cause of the kidney pain. It was five days after the accident before the removed the damaged kidney.

Reminds me of my first time ever riding my dirtbike.. I had an XL250 and I hit this huge tabletop-like jump that me and my friend found out trail riding -- while sitting down. Well as I hit it, I did a superman by accident because the jump made me bounce out of my seat and as I came down to land I was still doing this "semi-superman"

Luckily, just a few really bad scrapes and a broken front brake.

The worst part was the slam by his bike following behind him... Ouch...

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