Crf 450x valve adjustment

What type are on 450x? Shim or screw? How often? How long does it take?

You have Ti intakes, SS exhaust valves. They are the shim under bucket style. Checking them only takes a few minutes, adjusting them takes maybe an hour (or 2 the first time). Go to the CRF250 forum and look at the stickie at the top of the page. or: At a glance it looks complicated, but it's really pretty easy.

Shims; Same as the R. Takes 10-15 mins to check'em. 30-45 mins to change shims, if necessary (if you have the shims handy). If you don't, take note of what shims are in there, calculate what you need, and run down to your dealer and buy what you need. I use Yamaha shims for $4 each just because they are closer than the Honda shop (who wants $6.50/each!)

Hope this helps :naughty:

Thanks for the detailed pictures and information. This is just great to have someone spell it out and visually show how to adjust the valves. Can't thank you enough.


01DRZ400S (sold)

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