Blew a tire on the street yesterday

Well boys it was one fine day to ride yesterday so I figured I'd join in on the fun. After seeing the carnage from the (would be wheely king) I decided it best to suit up with all of my gear for my road ride. Made it 30 miles out into the country and was hitting up my old stomping grounds. Bike was running awesome and as usual making me forget about everything except the patch of road ahead . I was on a twisty turning 2 way and just started cranking the bike into a right hand turn at about 50mph when Poof the back tire let loose :naughty::naughty::D The bike came around instantly, was sideways and almost down( I thought I had hit a patch of oil). Not sure exactly what took place but I think at that point I had leaned my weight to the front and upside of the bike and she grabbed hold and stood back up :D I then felt the tire double over and figured out what just took place still going about 40mph. It was really squirrly getting her to a stop , lots of front brake. I think years of dirt riding gives you a feel for the bike like no other and was most likey a big factor in me not going down. Tire still on the bead tube gone I rode it to friends house and shoved it in the barn. All I can say is I'm glad I did'nt need to put my gear to use but at the point of almost going down did think about having it on. It's wierd what goes through your mind in those seconds of do or die. Suit up boys, you never know what's gonna happen :D

Glad you handled it well and are ok :naughty:


Nicely done. Suit up for the crash, not the ride. :D

I lost my back tire on the highway at about 60. My tire was under inflated and I ripped out the valve stem. Got real loose all of a sudden...but I never really felt it was out of control.

Rim lock is a must have for me now.

is that the new tire you just got?

was there like a nail in it ?

My motto exactly: "Dress for the crash, not the ride!"

Always thought that the cost of the protective gear was much less than the medical bills. I've had my fair share of road rash and would rather sweat a little than get a skin graft.

is that the new tire you just got?

was there like a nail in it ?

No it was still the old tire , I was wanting to get a few more miles of it before putting on the Pirelli. I filled it up with air the other day and found the vavle stem was leaking so i tweaked it a bit and it stopped. I had just left my brothers house and checked the tires so I knew they were good. Just one of those things I guess :naughty: I was extremely lucky to say the least ,it was soooooooo close I nearly soiled myself:eek:

you should put a rim lock in that back tire...

Good save!

All the gear, all the time. :naughty:


Way to go!! Any save is a good save, even those where you don't remember how you saved it. And smart to wear the full gear!

counter steering!!


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