H&H in Delta

It looks like I'm going to be coming down the Hare and Hound this weekend in Delta, can anyone tell me what the weather has been like? Or what the forecast is for the next few days?



It looks like the mid 30'swith achance of snow. It is going to be a great race, I am a member of the Sage Riders and I have been on both loops. I helped GPS the first loop, and I did some of marking on the 2nd loop. The first loop is the faster of the 2. but the 2nd loop has some difficult spots, we have a few nasty up hills and a crazy down hill. Hope to see you there I will be the Tech Inspector.

I hope to make it. Is there any snow left in the area? Do you think I could get by on some soft tires? This race has always been real fun. I did my first H&H there two years ago. What a blast. Sounds like it won't be as dusty as my first time. :D I ususally go alone to these races since my buddies say it is too far away for a race. They don't know what they are missing! :naughty::naughty:

See you there!



I know there is still now on the 2nd loop, there was one spot that we had to go through a 2 foot snow drift, I don't know know if there is any snow on it the last time I rode it was in july. You sould be able to get by with soft tires, there was a lot of muddy on sunday. The first one you did was it the year it was realy windy?

You should see me there then! I will be on the CR250, with red No Fear gear, so be sure to not DQ me!



just make sure you have a spark arrester, and proper back ground colors and I will not DQ you.

Oh and make sure you have your bike registered and your registration with you the BLM will be there in force. and they will be ticketing anyone who does not have registration.

I didn't race last year, but was there for the two consecutive years before that. It was 2003 that was so windy....I remember it well.

What is the scoop on the BLM restrictions. I heard rumor that the BLM was confining the course to a 10 by 10 mile area and was not allowing you guys to do the traditional sand dunes start. Is there any truth to that?

I know you have to appease the BLM and do "what is right" to get the proper permits but are they really starting to squeeze things out there? Cherry Creek is still an awesome area.

The poor Wizards club went through heck trying to get the Rhino Rally to occur this year. The BLM coupled with pressures from the environmental groups are really making it difficult.

Had the sparky before I got the bike, I have black backgrounds, but I will be pie plating it, and I have my Idaho off-road sticker, I'll see if I can find the paperwork to go with it.


Hey CRFxDesertRat,

I was there in the windy one 2 years ago on a 02 CRF450 and had a trailer with a 520M/XC. It was my first H&H. Was pitted next to Destry. and team Kawi. :D I had to put my goggles on to just load up my bike it was so windy and dusty. I really liked that race. :naughty::naughty:

Will a Colorado Registration be OK? I have a USFS approved FMF Turbine Core II. I also emailed USRA but haven't heard back yet...am not sure what colors I need for my bike background. My number will be 85s. I may not get the stuff in time. I am 250cc 2-smoke O/40 amatuer class. I forked out the year dues for USRA. :D

I guess I will use soft tires (Dunlop 756) and make the 400 mile plus trip some time on Friday. At least it won't be dusty ha-ha!


Hey CRFxDesertRat,

I was there in the windy one 2 years ago on a 02 CRF450 and had a trailer with a 520M/XC. It was my first H&H. Was pitted next to Destry. and team Kawi. :D I had to put my goggles on to just load up my bike it was so windy and dusty. I really liked that race. :D:naughty:

Will a Colorado Registration be OK? I have a USFS approved FMF Turbine Core II. I also emailed USRA but haven't heard back yet...am not sure what colors I need for my bike background. My number will be 85s. I may not get the stuff in time. I am 250cc 2-smoke O/40 amatuer class. I forked out the year dues for USRA. :naughty:

I guess I will use soft tires (Dunlop 756) and make the 400 mile plus trip some time on Friday. At least it won't be dusty ha-ha!


If you're racing the Amateur class you need yellow backgrounds with black numbers.

Check for the USRA signup table. Last week in St. George they had 2005 USRA rulebooks in a nice color glossy little book that they were handing out.


I was at the race in Hurricane but must have missed the rulebook. I got a late start. That was a dusty race too. I 'll see if I can find some yellow back grounds. Think I got everything else covered. Once again thanks.

Motobilly :naughty::naughty:

How did everone do? I did not get to see the results, I had to leave early to go to a wedding.

Fun race....the traction at the start of both loops was awesome. The mud on the first loop was no fun. I am glad I used the dunlop 756 soft tires. I just ordered a new pair of Scotts googles for sweat,mud and with roll-offs. I probably lost at least 10-15 places with the current set-up. I have now raced for 3 years and I guess I can never learn enough. I entered the 0/40 amatuer class and got third. I don't know how I did overall and don't know if I want to. If I can make the top half I am pretty happy. :naughty:

It was cold but it wasn't bad. Other than being my own worst ememy the 9 hour drive was worth it. I am going to try and get a posse of friends to come and do the next race (Cherry Creek Nationals). Luckily I have done a few snow rides this year and it wasn't a complete surprize.

Pretty cool Destry won the race. Wonder if he was on his 500 or a 250? :naughty::D


he was on his 500, I singed him up and and teched his bike.

I didn't get to do the race myself, but got the following ride report from a good riding buddy:

Had a great time at the race. About half the race was pretty soupy. I came in the first loop #1 am, then in the last 5 miles of the 2nd loop I battled with a kid on a 525 and it got to the point where I just let him pass me cause I couldn't handle the pace, but I won the 0/35 class. It was really a great race--one I'll remember for along time.

It was a low turn out. Not sure of the numbers, but the starting line (at the dunes) didn't seem very long. I'm sure it helped my end result. It was snowing and blowing the hole race. The pit crews and sign up people had it pretty miserable. In typical fashion, we made it just in time to sign up, get our crap together and race to the starting line just in time to see the banner raise for the experts. They cut the last loop to about 30 miles as near as I could tell (from 45). There was still plenty of snow, but mostly brand new stuff (1 inch about everywhere). We went through one pretty long snow bank on a northern exposure on the 2nd loop, but I have raced further North and higher too. Pretty sure they cut that part out. We missed rider's meeting where they probably explained that

this is what Destry abbott had to say about the race,


"AMA H&H Jericho, Utah April 9, 2005 Pre-race: My dad, Jonny, and I left Thursday afternoon and were planning on staying in a hotel about halfway to the race. At 10:00 that night, we were having a tough time finding a hotel. We found ourselves driving from town to town untiil we found one. It took us until 1:00 am before we finally found a small hole-in-the-wall hotel to stay at, but by then we didn't care because we just wanted to go to sleep. Seven hours later, we were back on the road and made it to the race around noon. I did some riding before we arrived at the race site, because they didn't want us out by the course. My KX feels really good and I think tomorrow should be great. They've been getting some rain off and on and tomorrow the weather man says were supposed to be getting snow storms. Race Day: Well, the weather man was right for a change! It's been snowing on a lot of the course with rain on the lower part (around 5,000 feet). Last year I had some bad luck at the Utah H&H rounds, but they are usually my favorite H&H races. The race started at 11:30 by the sand dunes. The bomb took off and went right into the dunes and then started to make it's way up in elevation. I had a pretty good start, and was running third going into the dunes. David Pearson was leading, followed by Russ Pearson in second. A couple of miles out, I was able to get by Russ and right on David. The conditions were pretty perfect by the start of the race and the three of us were all staying pretty close. I followed David for the next couple of miles, and then made the pass to take the lead just before it started raining on us. As we were making our way up the fun technical mountains, it started to get really slick in some spots. I was able to get a nice gap on the rest of the guys so they couldn't key off of me. I was feeling really good and kept pushing it until it started snowing. And when I say snowing, I mean snowing:) It was coming down really good and you could tell it had been snowing all night in the mountains. It was actually a lot of fun but you had to be really smart otherwise you would be pulling yourself out of some trees. Right around the halfway mark, (22-miles) on the first loop, we were really high and it was pretty wild to just see white everywhere. I was a little nervous however, because the rocks were buried under the snow. I've ridden and raced in snow before, but this is by far the most I've ever been in. Back home in Phoenix, I don't get to many opportunities to practice snow riding:). Actually a few days ago it was almost 95 degrees and I was thinking this is way to hot, but now I'm in Utah saying this is way to cold. The bad part about some of the tree sections was the snow hanging on the branches. Every time I rubbed next to them, I would get a big lap of cold snow. I'm not really complaining it was still a lot of fun. The scariest part for me was, on the first loop, when I hit a cow. It's not as bad as you would think, but we did hit and I bounced off of him or her. There was a big herd of them running on this jeep road, and I was trying to make my way by when one decided to make a left hand turn on a staright away (what was he thinking). Luckily I only hit the side of him and we bounced off each other with me doinging a little swap, but it was a good save. For all you animal lovers out there, you'll be happy to know that the cow is fine besides a new FMF brand on his side:) At the 47-mile marker I made my first pit stop. It was pretty fast and I made sure I grabbed a new pair of the Scott Roll-Off goggles. Going out on the second loop, I wanted to make sure I stayed charging and didn't give anyone a chance to catch me. Everything was still working great and most important, I kept it up on two wheels the rest of the way. The second loop (36-miles) put us back into the snowing mountains with some more fun technical stuff. I ended up taking the win and had some room to spare. I really felt like I rode good today, and the KX worked perfect again. The Sage Riders did a great job with the course, especially with the snow they had to deal with. They also did a great job with the markings. I would say this course was one of the best H&H's I've ever raced. Results: 1st Destry Abbott 2nd Russell Pearson 3rd David Pearson 4th Kendall Norman 5th Steve Hengeveld ? Other Notes: Scott goggles just sent me their new goggle system. It's called the Works system and it's by far the nicest setup you can get. It was nice to have great roll-off's during the race. I also raced with Thor's riding Jacket (and a couple of jersey's) which felt really good and kept the rain and snow off of me. On race day I was told the high was in the 30's and I know in the mountains it was a lot colder. I'm looking forward to my 90 degrees again:)LOL My next race is the WORCS race in Idaho this weekend. Let's hope I can keep this win streak going! Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com 2005 Sponsors: Kawasaki, FMF, Thor, Dunlop, ACME, Kawasaki Acc., Scott, SIDI, CTI2, Motion Pro, Bent, Works Connection, Hinson, IMS, Scott's Performance, Jonre.com, Cyto Sport, Acerbis, BRP, Pro Clean 1000, Trick, Varner, ZLT, Sprocket Specialist, DP Pads, Shoei, UNI, American Racing Wheels, RK/Excel, 909, Wiseco, Motorex, N-style, V-Force, and Twisten Wrenches."

I had a good time racing, I loved the course, but I suck in the mud. The camping on Friday night is what sucked, horribly. It was nice when I showed up on Friday about 4:30 so I set up my tent and went for hike. I got back about dark, ate a sandwich and crawled into my sleeping bag about 8:15. The generator that was running right beside my tent got shut off about 9:30, the wind was blowing pretty good by now. Not too long after that it started raining, or so I thought. A few minutes later my tent was smashed down against my face and freezing cold and wet. So I pushed it off only to find out that it had about an inch of slush on it! So I spend about the next half hour knocking all the snow off my tent while I'm still strying to go to sleep. Finally I reached up and felt the top of my pillow and it was soaking wet, I kept going and felt over 1" of water standing on the top of my air mattress. That's it I can't take it anymore, so I grabbed all of my stuff and head for my pickup with one little blanket (remember my sleeping bag is soaked), and one coat. It's not too bad when I get into my pickup, but I started to get cold about 11:30. No problem, just start my pickup and warm up. Nothing. I left my lights on when I got there and my battery was completly dead. No lights would even come on, the only thing that worked was the radio would make clicking noise once per second and everyonce in a while the door chime would try to work. Not very conducive to a good nights sleep. So I might have gotten 20 minutes of sleep all night and lfroze to death. Luckily I got a jump from Team Green early in the morning and got to warm up. It felt sooo good to feel some heat blowing from that heater.

The really sad part is I would love to do it all over again this weekend (with a charged battery). I really liked the course this year, and loved the new CR250.


That's what I thought might happen with the weather going bad so I just got up real early in the morning and drove a long way.....at least I had heat. Yeah that was a fun race considering all that happened. :naughty:

We left for the race Saturday morning at 6:30 from Logan with the truck packed with gear,food,clothes,etc. My friend raced on his WR250F against his dad on a WR450F and beat him!!! He was so happy!! He beat him on a smaller bike, with less experience, in the mud, with a flat front tire for most of the race. He raced sportsman so he didn't get a trophy but he got like 7th overall in four strokes or something like that. He got 2nd in sportsman or something like that. Another guy at our camp got DQ for missing a turn and following a guy through a rut right into the officials. Another guy bent the left side of his bars in pretty far about halfway through. I didn't get to race and i am kinda glad. I wouldn't want that to be my first race, especially on a TTr-125L! Later that night we set up our tent, ate some wonderful dinner made by my friends girlfriend the night before, and told dirty jokes around the campfire. That was great. Got free shirts and hat. Hat didn't fit, but i found another one beside a trail! It fits just right! We got a kick out of some little kids on like TTr90's or something like that. The one kid's was auto-clutch, somehow he managed to wheelie it and fall over to the side during the wheelie. His brother,watching this, was looking back on his bike while it was parked and layed it over. Later on that night, there were a bunch of kids on like KTM65's and stuff like that zooming around my camp. I was going to chase them but i didn't want to get in trouble with their parents so i didn't.

The next day (sunday), we rode most of loop 2 but one of our riding buddies got sick of the mud and wanted to go back to camp. We got back, took camp apart, loaded up, and headed home. Got back to my buddies house and sat in the hot tub for about 2 hours (felt sooooo good!). And that's the basics.

Sorry if this bored you, it wasn't very exciting. I just kinda felt like typing.

Also during the race, we were sitting in my friends truck (actually his dad's) and my friends g/f got a kick out of it because i rolled down the windows all of the way, found an opera station (only two stations came in good), turned the radio up ALL the way, and started headbanging. It was great.

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