Is this all it's got?

Hey fellow TT'ers.

I have recently picked up my 04 CDN. version WRF 250. :naughty:

I have pulled out the exhaust baffle, cut down the throttle stop and disconnected the grey wire. My question is why doesn't the bike seem to pull up high in the rpm. I feel like my old 2 smoker pullled better up top. Also, it seems to rev a little slow when down in the rpm range. Around the mid point there is no turning back, then it seems flat on top so I grab another gear. Is this normal, my buddies 02 yzf seems like an animal compared to my bike but when we race he only get's me by a bike length at the 1000 foot mark. New to four strokes so I don't know if this is normal?

I don't know if this is normal?


airbox mods?

next steps:

yzf cam (US$115 shipped, from bardwell yamaha)

jd jet kit

better exhaust

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

you could probably stand to go up a main jet size since pulling the butt plug out. That would account for it's feeling flat on top, it's simply running out of gas.

You can also retime the exhaust cam to the same as the yzf for more top end power too.

I will try to go up on the mj. I also have a 2002 yzf exhaust system for it. Will this work better than the stock exhaust will the plug removed? I know it is lighter! I will also try to do some air box mods.

yes it will flow more air.

yes it will flow more air.

requiring more fuel, so time to start playing with the jetting.

jim aka the wrooster

'01 wr250f

these little 250 motors need to be close to spot on with jetting to get the final 10% of available hp. Once you get it dialed and know what correct feels like use that seat o pants as baseline. You'll need to change MJ sizes for every 20 degrees(F) of temp change.

the wr wide ratio tran makes you wring the piss out of the motor so jetting is key. A JD jet kit is about the best $80 you'll spend for this.

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