CRF250R Rear Fender

Will the CRF250R rear fender & front number plate fit on the CRF250X? I never seem to ride at night and I'll eventually destroy both the head-light and tail-light.

Usually I'll box the stock lights, rear fender, and front number plate to spare them their eventual fate then install them again for the next owner if they want them on. Sometimes they don't but they end up with clean undamaged stuff anyway.

I am wondering this too, the front number plate of the R should be fine on the X, however the rear fender on the X holds the main relay, and all of the electrical components, does anyone know how to get around this.

I think you'll have to do some moving around of electrical components to get the rear fender to work. The # plate will not bolt right up either, there's no tab on the bottom clamp for the # plate to hook onto and there's no place to attach it on top either.

the rear fender wil fit. u do have to tuck in the electrical stuff and make a small cut for the coolant bottle mount.

spdtrip is right the rear fender does fit got one sitting on my bike in the garage right now,i used a polisport fender and all i did was zip tyed the electricals to the sub frame through the holes in the mounting rubber were it was fixed on the x fender :naughty: , and she's got a R front plate with original triple clamps :naughty:

and she's got a R front plate with original triple clamps :naughty:

dogchod, did the front number plate simply bolt on, or did you have to modify anything to get it to fit on there? Thanks in advance!

Well, I've ordered the Acerbis rear fender and number plate, hope they fit :naughty:

I've noticed that some of you, by looking through your 'garage's', that you've pretty much done the same thing.

I know it shouldn't be a big deal, but I'll take any advice and tips you'd like to offer up.

Thanks in advance!

So all you have to do is zip tie the electrical components on the rear fender, but what do you do for the front number plate?

well it depends how fussy you are :naughty:

basically i got a old yzf plate and made new tabs that fit over the original posts where the light sat,i used some super strengh glue and then drilled each side of the post holes and also zip tyed into place.Drill two new holes and insert the two original post rubbers and fit onto bottom clamp.

Drill a pair of holes either side of the forks and zip tye front plate through and around the forks, job done :naughty:

you will have to zip tye the metal frame that holds the wires etc for the light onto the hole where the tacho used to fit

Its a bit of a bodge but i did all this as soon as i got the bike home as i don't need the lights and they would only get smashed and i thought at the time someone would of made a proper aftermarket plate before now

this was over 8 month's ago and its still on and never come off (and i have crashed a few times in 8 months :D )

I Love Zip Tyes

I Love Zip Tyes

Amen to that!

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