Help Needed!!

Just last night, while i was changing my engine oil, (and installing my new SFB water pump/oil filter cover) i was torquing the smaller drain bolt, and the threads, on the casing, stripped!!! Any advice on what i should do?

You can drill it out and tap it for a larger screw, the smallest one you can use while still being able to remove the old threads.

I have heard of JB weld repeairs and rethread to the same size, but I have seen those strip right out too.

You could drill it bigger and use a helicoil tap to tap threads for the helicoil, then install the helicoil and use the same bolt.

Some people JB weld the bolt in place and never remove it again.

My 14mm drank bolt is slightly cross threaded. I bought it used, and the first time I changed my oil, I noticed it was cross threaded. I'm gonna keep using it until I have to get it tapped out.

The first thing I would do is run the same size tap 6mm I think. Usually the softer bolt will strip before, or to a greater extent than the case. Try the tap and a fresh bolt finger tight. If it seems to bite, confirm the proper torque for those bolts and use a good quality inch pound torque wrench to confirm it will hold to the specified torque, hope it does. If that does not work the Helli coil is your best bet. I bought a as new snap-on 40-200 in/lb wrench on ebay for about $60, great investment. I use assembly lube and torque everything, no stripping, things go together and come apart nicely.


How are you guys tightening all these bolts with torque wrenches and still stripping them? I do all my stuff by hand and haven't had any issues. Helicoil is your best bet to fix it, either that or get a time-sert. Next time, with such a small bolt, try using a box wrench to tighten it just until it's snug.

Thanks guys for the info. I brought it to a dealer near my house and the owner just happened to be a machinist. He used a helicoil and took out the spark plug adn forced pressure into the engine so any filings would come out.

Thanks again.

- i'm gonna go ride

use 1/4" drive, not 3/8"'s 6mm in aluminum, they shouldn't be tighter than 10ft/lbs, which isn't as much as you can turn with your wrist....go easy on them.

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