FCR Hotcams Exhaust...huge thanks

I would like to thank everybody on the board for the help I got to do a FCR, Hotcam, base gasket and exhaust swap on my S.

Let me say I would never have had the confidence or knowledge to undertake this mission without the resources of this list. This is my first real bike and I have never been this deep in any engine before.

I took 2 days methodically tearing down and replacing the parts and was rewarded with a bike that started and ran right on completion. I probably will need to do a little fiddling with the PAS and Needle to get things running to their full potential. There is no bog off idle but there is a little too much exhaust popping on deceleration and the bike isn’t idling quite as steadily as before. Minor things.

I did have some problems. The biggest being a valve shim getting stuck in its recess. I got the Hotcam shim kit to be prepared and I think that they are just a tiny bit larger in diameter than the OEM’s. Even using one of those super magnets I had a heck of a time getting it out. After that I ran some emery cloth around the outside of any new shims I used, it helped. Another thing that caught me by surprise was the petcock and choke pull getting in each others way. This made installing the tank awkward and the choke can’t be utilized. This hasn’t been a problem with starting as a couple of twists and squirts does the job.

The final thing I do have a question about I will start a new thread.

To any of you out there contemplating working on your own bike but are reluctant because of lack of experience let me encourage you to make use of the search button on this forum, you will find everything you need. This is from someone who has never held a piston in their hand before, you can do it.

Cool Deal, what I did with my chock knob was cut half of the plastic knob off so it will slide past the petcock, works great now

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