One more newb choke question...

The manual says riding with the choke can damage the engine. I ran at 1/2 choke for about 2 hours during the break-in period (don't ask). Is it possible that anything could have been damaged in 2 hours? It's a new bike and I'm overly anal....sorry! :naughty:

Full choke yes, half choke no.

Thanks! (sorry I moved the thread on you :naughty: )

well on break-in yes, it could have caused an overly hot condition, caused everything to expand and then cause excessive wear. but i doubt it, as long as you had air over it constantly. (not riding in should never ride in sand during break-in)

no worries man!!! :naughty:

You should be fine! It might could lead to pre-mature ring wear because of loss of lubrication form too much gas on the cylinder wall.I cant think of anything else that it would do. All it would be doing is running rich (too much gas)

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