Wheel trueing?

This is a shot in the dark but does anyone know of where i can buy a wheel trueing-lacing stand along with some sort of instruction manual or video??

tucker rocky has several to choose from

dont buy a truing stand, tape a pencil to your swingarm so its point is almost touching your rim. put your bike on a stand so the back wheel is raised. rotate the back wheel and see which way the wheel seems bent toward. if you need to pull it to the right tighten the spokes that come from the right of the hub, and vice versa. turn the spoke nipples counterclockwise to tighten. this is by no means the professional way, but if you only have to do it periodically, then its a money saver.

for a lacing stand get a piece of pipe with a pipe flange and screw it to a board standing straight up.

sounds hack but it works.

I think what I need to do is buy an old rim off of E-bay and expermint

I think what I need to do is buy an old rim off of E-bay and expermint

nah, dont waste the time and $$, go find and old bicycle and practice on that.

I got one on ebay for $100 about 2 yrs. ago and it's been one of the best/ easiest tools I have. I've done all my wheels(9 bikes), all my friends and even some TT members too. :naughty: Altogether I've done about 30 whole wheel sets.(new rim,over-sized spokes/nipples)

Here what it looks like:

trueing stand

another pic of it

Just go on ebay and search under trueing stand, trueing wheel and so on.

This might help with building the wheel too:

wheel building

Good Luck....it's easy!!! :naughty:

pics aren't workin'

pics aren't workin'

www.imagestation.com ...........what's up with them :naughty: ...sometimes

it works and sometimes it does not. :D

I guess just keep trying..........they should come up. :naughty:

yes linky no worky

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