Don't give up!

Woodsweapon2, I need more pressure.

OMG, you ARE real!! I smell a challenge. WW2, he's calling you out!!!

Smuge, hows the trials thing going?


You have some people confused smudge isn't who you think it is - that is

Mr. Bungle you meant to direct the trials comment to. But I wouldn't step to far since theres nothing dirt orientated in your garage other than the J.D. tractor and it has turf tires on it. :naughty:

The pressure thing isn't going to work I tried and tried but I am thinking about putting a plaque on the stool at the parts counter because I thinbk that may be the only thing that is getting rode :D

Anyway you could go sport bike / crotch rocket but you don't see to many

balding 40+ men riding them, especially when you only have 1 nut anyway

it takes 2 to ride something like that ...............

Dirt challenge - :naughty: maybe they will bring back the team harescramble maybe then if I get 2 flat tires ( last time we had one and it

was still a clear victory )


Ooooh, this is getting good, I'm going to pull up a recliner and get a bowl of popcorn... BTW, I was just down at the parts counter and didn't see any woods weapons of any type there. :naughty:


I'll find someone to help push in your stool, Is that the kind of pressure your looking for??

I'll find someone to help push in your stool

That's the most common pickup line at the gay bar you know??

That's the most common pickup line at the gay bar you know??

And you would know this how? :naughty::naughty:

What's the best line you use??



your secrets safe with us!


Haven't had a good chance to really get into it much yet, I need to get with the Master one of these days .......

That's what XRIowa told me!

XRIOWA does have a way with people dosn't he. :naughty::naughty:

He is one smooooth operator, how do you think he got 4 kids already?

I would guess from not hanging out at a gay bar!!

Hmmm, you are very wise MrBungle.... So how is your bike coming along?

woodsweapon2, if you road as good as you write you would be contesting AA or at least A class instead of +40 :naughty:

Sorry smudge I got you and mr bungle mixed up.

No problem, I wouldn't mind though he can rip trough the woods. Hurry up and get that bike together Mr. B. :naughty:

woodsweapon2, you better hope it doesn't rain the night before that 2-man haresramble. :naughty: If it does I give you a fair chance I'll ride a suzuki V-STROM with slicks :naughty:

If it does I give you a fair chance I'll ride a suzuki V-STROM with slicks

Hmmmmmmmm - V-strom isn't that the official bike of the Gay Pride biker club ? :D

if you road as good as you write you would be contesting AA or at least A class instead of +40
"Senor A" is where it's happening. I know where to pick my battles anyway the senior class always starts behind the A class riders it's more of a challenge to give them guy's a minute headstart :naughty:

But your in luck they are going to start having a senior C class that combines

with the womens class, I hope you don't have a problem with running pink streamers off of the handle bars of the V-strom. But that shouldn't be a much of a problem as considering these are the colors of the Gay Pride biker gang and you probably already have a set with some beads on them :naughty::D that way you can tell everyone that you laid your bike down thats where the brown stains came from = :D


My V-Strom would kick your oversized Sportster ass, that bike was engineered for short legged dykes that are going through psychological problems relating to thier ***** attachment therapy.

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