TTR125 choke/idle

Forgive me if this has been covered but I couldn't find it anywhere in the forum.

I purchased a 2003 TTR125LE for my wife and was curious how long this bike should take before it warms up and idles without the choke on?

The bike is completely stock with no modifications done to it. Upon first cranking, I have to leave the choke on a full 2-3 minutes before it will idle with the choke off. Otherwise, it just dies. Is this typical for this model?

these heffers are lean as can be. i had the same problem with mine (along with everybody else) if your very mechanically inclined, buy a 17.5 pilot and 110 main. and that will fix your problem.. mine wouldn't hold an idle even if i had just ridden for 5 hours. now that i rejetted it purrs just like a little kitty :naughty::naughty:

Welcome to the wonderful world of a cold natured TTR125!

that's typical for the bike. We usually let ours idle for a few minutes with the choke on, then ride it gently for a few more then kill the choke. It is just a cold natured beast.

Rejetting can help the cold manners a bit, but if yours is ok in 2 minutes your jetting may not be that far off.

Do you get any backfiring or popping on deceleration when you ride it?

Do you get any backfiring or popping on deceleration when you ride it?

I haven't even had a chance to ride it other than in my subdivision. I didn't notice any backfiring or popping when I did ride it.

Once I get a chance to take it out I will see how it acts. Sounds like I probably need to go up a size on the pilot jet at minimum.


What does it mean if it backfires or pops cuz mine does that occasionally

An occasional pop or backfire is nothing, but if everytime you slow down it pops and backfires it's too lean.

Usually a fuel screw adjustment will clear it up but if that doesn't help going up one size on the pilot should do it.

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