Engine noise

I have had my bike checked out numerious times,but even though they say there is nothing wrong it makes noise like the piston slapping or something. Does yours make noise?

Have you checked and/or adjusted your valves?



Adjust cam chain??? Did you put a piston in it lately???

mine make a wierd vibrating noise at about 5000 rpm, cant find out what it is... drives me crazy!!!!

Its just yout timing chain, dont worry about it.

If I understand you correctly, think mine has that noise - think they all do. I thought valves as well but never did anything about it. Definitely a metallic engine sound but agree with sleeman that its probably timing chain. Heard it on several 230s, and even my previous 150.

Doesn't anybody adjust their cam chain?? :naughty: The noise is your chain hitting the aluminum in the cylinder, which puts aluminum in your oil, which isn't good. Eventually, it can wear a big groove in you cylinder, which could allow your slider to slip, which will make you have a bad day.

Mine did it from day 1, think the original poster's did also. Shouldnt need to adjust it that early should we? Or is that a regular maintenace piece?

You can also try checking your bolts on your exhaust, skid plate, etc.... and make sure one isn't missing or loose. The vibration can carry a long ways and make you think it is something else.

MX145, thats actually a good, and often overlooked idea. But iun this case all else tight - its the engine. Dealer said repeatedly "They just sound like that - as per design"

My bikes only about five months old. Dealer says its fine ,but..... what if?

i kept hearing a sound but found out it was just my chain.

yea im still afraid to hit top speed on pavement because of the noise. between how high the rpms are and my uncorked exhaust, im now not afraid of one of mine after i figured out that it was my chain like 150kid said. should i be afraid to pin it on pavement? i think it's just me thinking it's an insane rpm what do you all think. cdaleh if im correct you race supermoto whats a safe rpm?


The factory installed a built in rev limiter to keep the engine from being revved too high. You really can't hurt it by over revving it, as the ignition will start to cut out at RPM'S that may cause damage. As long as it is all stock.

MX145, thats actually a good, and often overlooked idea. But iun this case all else tight - its the engine. Dealer said repeatedly "They just sound like that - as per design"

If I was dodgey and just sold you a bike I would say the same thing. It's never going to get car like quiet, but you can get them pretty quiet.

yea i was thinking that it would coeshow but im not use to hearing a piston go that high i had a ttr-90 b-4 this and it wouldnt rev to high with me in the saddle. its just i hear the whoosh-whoosh-whoosh of the cylinder goeing up and down so quick it almost scares me.

I have had my bike for almost a year now and havn't adjusted the valves yet. But I havn't noticed any problems.

ok i have a 07 kx250f, and put hot xams in it stage 1, and ive had a devol aluminum full engine skid plate and when u put a aluminum skid plate on these bikes, it magnifies the sound. mine makes all sorts of sound, but i found out its my skid plate ratteling and moving casue if i hold it, it stops. i also know it aint my engine casue i check/adjust my valves and cam chain is good.

i notice the sound also on my 07 230. It throws me off when i start it up and start riding it around the yard without a helmet, cuz thats the olny time i hear it is without the helmet.

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