please read need input

hi everyone kind of new to the four stroke world but just bought a 05 rmz250 a couple weeks ago after the suspension was valved, and getting used to the motor its the best bike i have ever owned!!! but i h :naughty: ave a few questions i race motocross put on about 15 hours of practice and noticed that the bike is much easier to kick start then when i first bought it... seems like the first week it was a bitch to kick it seems easy. is this normal?

i dont think ive lost any power, runs quiet, maybe its just in my head but has anyone else noticed this?

is it something to worry about?

thanks alot


check your valves, but its probably not a problem. my guess is you just got used to it.

Your valves may have tightened dont want to ride it like that.Its simple 2 check and worth the 20 minutes.

anything special i should know about adjusting the valves ive done them before just not on a mototr like this...

they are shims correct? not adjustable...

Yes it uses shims. If any intake valve is at O clearance it will probably need replaced as the coating on the valve face is gone. DO NOT TIGHTEN THE CAM RETAINING BOLTS TO 104 IN LBS. IT WILL CAUSE THE CAMSHAFT TO SEIZE. USE 88 INCH LBS. ONLY!

To adjust them you need to use different sized shims but they are adjustable. It is possible that the oil washed off the walls if it hasn't been ridden in a while, this allows for compression to sneak past the rings which makes it easy to kick over. It's not a problem and compression will return as soon as the motor is fired up. I would check your valves at this time too as was already mentioned.

Definately check your valves. Most people say after the first six hours to check them, supposedly they come a little tight from the factory. My 05 had 10-12 hours on it and they were all tight. Even with valves tight I couldn't tell any difference in the bike. Still these bikes are probably the easiest kicking bikes around. They make the earlier Yamaha's seem like your kicking a Harley over.

Yes I would have to agree it is pretty easy to kick over. Just after buying my son's bike, I started it to my amazement with my hand while it was loaded in my truck and I was standing beside my truck. I could never do that with my KX250 or my XR50 for that matter.

Looks as if I am going to have to buy the tech manual for this bike. There are very few dealers I trust doing work on any of my bikes.

ya i check the valve clearences a few minutes ago... perfect to my surprise??? i dont know maybe after a couple more rides they may need adjusting... i was surprised to ive been hammering the bike in the sand for the last 5 rides.

thanks for the help

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