stupid noise question

i was just wondering if a stock yz250f is louder than a yz125.. im not asking this because i want a really loud bike.. but i ride on my own private land which is over 100 acres but some of the trails cut really close to other peoples houses.. some people have been nice enough to give some land for me to put trails on.. and my friend said he could hear my ttr125 with a bbr exhaust from his house.. which is about 2 miles straight through the woods, while i cant hear his bike from his house.

sorry for another noise question but i would like to know

It is a little louder I believe. Plus low notes seem to carry further than higher notes.

yea.. i know that his yz125 is way louder than my ttr125 when were side by side but since mine now sounds extremely throaty, the sound seems to carry much further than his higherpitched 2 stroke sound :naughty:

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