Got a 02 Xr650r

Finally got it! :naughty:

After thrashing the 91 for too long I'm on a new ride.

the thing is serious, Ican telll by looking at it.

New to me-


Aluminum Frame

modern looking seat(you know not all boxy like the old bikes)

lights that work

i only rode it up and down my alley and the thing feels insane.

Even the suspensio n, which is set for a bigger dude, feels right on to me :naughty:

Maybe I'm alittle more agresive of a rider, but I'll be playing with it this weekend.

I am very stoked :D:D:D

Can i be in the club now?


Welcome to the club.

Welcome. I'm sure you'll love the bike, all but the damn seat. Go out riding for 30-40 miles and report back to us as to the severity of monkey butt you have. I would kill for an older xr seat...

It actually feels pretty cushy, i dont think its the stock foam.

The truth is that i hardly sit down. I can ride for about 100 miles at pretty good race speed and not sit down, It really saves you alot of energy. Of course i'm a "junior" which my riding buddies are allways quick to point out!

Got it lasst night in the dark and just cant wait to get off work to work on my bike!

The great thing is that i have been moving up a decade every time i get a new bike and i finally got into the 21st century- 73 TS185, 82 Yz490, 91 xr600, and finally 02!!!

I am gonna love it I know!

Wecome to the BRP Club :naughty: Enjoy that new ride, I know you will... :naughty:

Enjoy! Let us know what you think after your first real ride!

Ride that sumbitch like you stole it :naughty: Congrats........ :naughty:

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