05 WR250f 4th and 5th

Ok, got my new WR250f last weekend, did all free mods (gray wire, throtle stop and the baffle) but I left the spark arrester screen in. After break in when in 4th or 5th gear when I open it up all the way the bike seems to bog and just lose power. Lower gears seem ok. Can someone please advise me on what to look at and adjust next to get rid of this problem? Do i need to make the carb richer?

I think you need to bump up your main jet size up one.

Yes, one step richer on the main jet.

Tommy refer to Pokey Joe's thread a few down from yours you two are doing the same thing. Simple answer to your question is YES when you pulled the baffle or what we call the butt plug out you have made the air flow increase therfore the bog you are getting at the top end is the engine starving for fuel. So a jet change is needed. Check with the Pokey Joe thread " Is this all see's got". Then we can help both of you at the same time and you can try things and share the out comes between yeas.

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!! will do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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