Good Dual Sport Tires DR-Z250

I am ready for a new set of tiires. What are people using out there? I ride about 50% on 50% off. Would like some better knobbies. I'm running a Maxxis dual sport right now. This is on a DR-Z 250

Take a look at the Dunlop D606's. I had them on my DR-Z400S and just put them on my newly legal WR250F.

pirelli mt-21s have done well on my dr650 and but i'm considering the irc gp-1s next tire change. more of a 50/50 tire. the mt-21s and 606s (a very good tire too) are more like 90/10. i've used kenda 270s but they were a little too soft for a 650. the gp-1s are the same tread pattern but a harder rubber. the 270s might work for a 250. a friend of mine has them on a dr250 and really likes them on and off road.

best of luck.


Thanks for the info!!

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