Shaving the seat??

Hi, im picking up my 04 Wr450 this weekend and cant wait....

I've not had a dirtbike for a few years so really looking forward to getting muddy again!

Only problem i have is im a short arse and was looking at previous threads about lowering the seat height.

So has anyone got ant tips or pics( even better ) on how to do a good job on shaving the seat foam down? or any other suggestions on how to lower the bike a little?

I knew when i started looking at different models that i could have gone for something easier to manage but after a test ride on the Wr450 i just had to have one!!

Bikes are not meant to be sensible anyway....Are they?? :naughty:

If you don't do big jumps, MXTech can lower your suspension about 1 inch front and rear. Helps in the real tight woods stuff.

I shaved my seat using a turkey carver and some sand paper.

I also had some lighter springs put in.

I also notched the subframe.

Sits low enough for me and I'm a short guy too.

Unless you have buns of stone; I'd go with softening up the suspension and having it lowered an inch. The stock seat is pretty minimal as is. We tend to spend long days in the saddle out here in the Western U.S. Therefore comfort is a sought after condition. Yeah, the bike is tall and I'm 5'10". It can be somewhat inconvenient to stop in some off road situations when your feet won't touch down!

agreed! There isn't much seat there to begin with. I went for my first long ride last weekend (2 1/2 hours) and my a** was killing me :naughty:

Well, I had a horrible accident the other day. The bike was up on a side walk, not running. I decided to coast down off of the sidewalk and take a sharp right down a little pedestrian ramp onto the street where I was gona start her up and go. I turned it right down the ramp, was going too slow, tried to put a foot down... nothin but air. I and the bike both laid down in a muddy flower bed....AND PEOPLE SAW!!!! GOD. I went down ten minutes later and had my seat sawed off about an inch and a quarter. Well, it works but make sure you round the corners off good. It might not be quite as comfy, but I'm happier and it was easy and free. I hate falling in flower beds.

Mark Sheldon :naughty::D:naughty:

I would advise against shaving the seat down. It changes the peg to seat distance and makes the transition tiresome. I have a WR250 seat that is way shaved if anyone thinks they'd like to try it. I think the 450 and 250 seats interchange.


You can cut a section out of the rear subframe brace to lower the back of the seat

You can add a lowering link in the rear and raise the forks in the trees

You can send your suspension out to be shortened (works best of all these mods)

A lower profile rear tire can get you 1/2" lower even

Don't cut the seat foam. Just my advice.

I cut my seat down an inch an a quarter and I love it. :naughty: I can get my feet down when I need to and with the edges rounded I have no problems with 50 mile rides with it. I also got the IMS lowboy pegs to lower the pegs down 3/4". The transition is perfect with these pegs I have no problem with the positioning on my bike. If you want to lower the seat just remove the cover, mark the cut line on both sides with a marker and use an electric carving knife or a sawsall and follow your lines on both sides. Then take an orbital sander with a rough paper(80 grit works great)and lightly sand all the rough spots out and smooth the edge to make it round over. Use an electric or pneumatic stapler to get the cover back on. Half an hour is about all it should take to do a good job. I've had people ask me where I bought the lowered seat because it doesn't look like a home job.


belt sander works good, provides a decent level surface. highly recommend suspension work

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