Memphis MX track

I hit it last Sunday on my 125, it kicked my ass but I didnt go down!

My question

between the 2 tables there are these six bumps, either they are very large whoops or very small doubles, no matter how hard I tried I 'cased' them everytime. which are they and how do I get through them quickly with out goin down?

Are you talking about Adrenaline? I drove by there couple weeks ago and the over/under bridge didn't have dirt on one side. I thought they were closed for good. Went by 3 weeks ago on a Sat. and no one riding.

What happened for them to close?!?!?! I was about to hit them up and go this coming Monday...Let me know something legit. Better yet...I'll try to make it by there tomorrow on my lunch break and I'll let you guys know something.


They were opening this last sunday

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