directions to stonyford?

what the best way to get there from livermore ? 5 ? or 680 to 80 to 505 ? I know you get off on the maxwell ramp and go west but thats all I can remember.I thought I saw a post on directions but I cant find it ? thanks for the help .PS we will be up there 8,9,10 :naughty: If you go up there look for a group of 10-15 I have a 2002 cr500 A.F. not a service honda ,I made it .I have yellow backgrounds with black #'s the number is 500 :naughty:

It is approx. 132 miles from Livermore to Maxwell via the 680/505 route.

It is approx 155 miles from Livermore to Maxwell via 580 / Tracey / Stockton route.

I think the traffic conditions would dictate my route.

1: Start out going WEST on MAXWELL COLUSA RD/MAXWELL RD toward RAILROAD AVE. <0.1 miles Map


3: Turn RIGHT onto SITES LODOGA RD. 13.9 miles Map

4: Turn RIGHT onto LODOGA STONYFORD RD. 7.7 miles Map

5: Turn LEFT onto LODOGA STONYFORD RD/MARKET ST. 0.2 miles Map

6: End at Lodoga Stonyford Rd & Fouts Spring Rd, Stonyford, CA 95979

Continue on Fouts Springs Rd to Davis Flats

THANKS , what are the final directions once u get off the freeway ? at maxwell ?

Just edited to include.


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