Service Honda??

Anyone order parts online from these guys? Just wondering what their service is like. Thanks

Their service is ok and the price is good. Mind you everything you order from them has to be ordered by them again, and when they get it they ship it to you. Takes sometimes 2-3 weeks to get anything from them.

I've had very good service from them, but I've read where a couple people have had issues, but I've also read about many good experiences as well. I've placed well over a dozen different orders with them and never had an issue. I've always dealt with a guy who goes by the name of pooh.

I have placed several orders from them as well, with good results.

Like TimBrp said, there has been an average time of 10 working days to get an order though.

The prices are good, the shipping cost is fair, and the parts are all OEM.

Not the quickest shipping, but I have placed several orders with them and haven't had any problems.

Can't beat the prices on most OEM items from Service Honda. They saved me $50.00 on my Crankcase cover for my 250X alone. I did check prices on jets and found them more expensive that my local dealer. I agree with everyone on the shipping time, it does take a couple of extra days.

Service Honda is great, great service and really good pricing :naughty: ..........

I've made a couple of orders thru them, Fair prices :naughty: , But a little slow..........

No problems otherwise.......... :naughty:

I've had nothing but excellent experiences in dealing with Pooh from Service Honda.. The orders that I've placed with him have ranged in the thousands of dollars back when I was racing. I'd send him an excel spreadsheet of all of the part numbers, quantities and descriptions. I've never had a mis-shipped item or an order screwed up in any way. Often they have to get the parts from Honda in Ohio, which is shipped to Hammond Indiana, then by truck to the west. I usually request 2nd day shipping..

Have any of you tried ?

I've ordered from a couple of times. So far, so good.... good service, prices and selection.

I like the schematics/drawings available online while ordering - confirms that the right part is being ordered.

Have any of you tried ?

I've ordered from Bikebandit quite a few times for Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki parts. Prices are reasonable, no screw ups yet and usually about 5 days to my door.

I have ordered quite a few things from Service Honda and found the prices and service to be really good! They use FedEx ground which is WAY better than UPS, much faster and cheaper! I once bought over a $1000 worth of plastic for a street bike and was happy with the order, the upper cowl was slightly deformed and they replaced it with no drama, even paid for the return shipping! Good people to deal with in my book.

Service Honda :naughty:

At a full 40% less than my local shop the few times that I ordered from them - I'll gladly wait for a few extra days. I just hope that I don't need too many more parts :naughty:

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