yz 125 or yz 250f

I have been lurking on here for a while now, even posted a few times but I am a newbie to the sport. I have ridden a friend's '99 XR 400, which is beast but seems pretty easy to ride. It is heavy as hell though. He also has a '99 RM 125 that I am waiting to ride to see what a 2 stroke feels like. He has been riding since he was 10, 21 now I think so he has some experience with bikes/riding, etc. My question is should I be looking at getting a used yz 125 or a used yzf 250? Everything I read seems to say that maintenance on a 2 stroke is cake compared to a 4? Is there some truth to that? I consider myself pretty handy I guess, but I don't want to be dumping all of my money/time into working on my yzf. I plan on riding around the Texas Hill Country, as I have a buddy who has plenty of places to ride. It will more than likely not be technical trail riding, rather just cruising around on roads, etc. I have no desire to touch the track really. Also, two smokes are much cheaper on the used market so that could be an issue. All in all, I want a bike that I can cruise around a ranch on and have fun, no jumping or tricks or any of that stuff. I want to go fast of course, but I don't want to mangle myself either (I do understand that I will eat it my fair share of times though!). That is where the gear comes in though, right? Sorry for the length, but I would appreciate any input as everyone on here seems to have good thoughts!! Thanks in advance.


well, I`m not sure if one of the mentioned bikes is the hot deal for you, considering what and where you will ride!!!!

For cruising on fire roads and trail riding I recommend staying with a XR400 or a DRZ400....these things last forever with almost no maintanance, have a pleasant power band and enough suspension as long you don`t touch the track.....and weight should`nt be the big issue at cruising speed!!!!

Definitely 250f, Much More Fun To Ride But You Might Want To Try And Find One A A Dealer So That You Know It Was Inspected. Why Not A Wr250f?

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