Dr. D Pipe Explanation

Anybody give me a description on the difference between my stock pipe performance and a Dr. D pipe: for my wr250.


Yea it's loud.

Less sound=More ground

Your stock WR pipe is an open chamber with a thin layer packing around the outer edge. On the end there is a cylinder with a screen type spark arrestor around the surface that is inside the larger chamber. The exhaust enter the large chamber, expands, bounces around, and makes it's way through the screen and out the tail pipe. This pipe is not tuned and is actually louder than the stock YZF pipe without some sort of insert.

I haven't had my hand on a Dr. D pipe but if it like most of the others it's a flow though design muffler. Inside the can is a fiberglass packing material that absorbes some of the sound as the exhaust passes through a perforated tube that runs through the center of the packing. These pipe are somewhat tuned for a specific rpm range by diameter of the tubing and length of the overall system.

I think that all aftermarket pipes are extremely over priced so I bought a used YZF muffler for $50. This allowed me to have more money for things that directly effect my bike's handling.

I don't think my Dr. D is any louder than my stock pipe, and that's without the quiet core insert. 120033, do a search on this in the yz250f/wr250f forum, it has been discussed quite a bit. The performance gains were pretty good low to mid range on my bike, I can't tell you for sure about the WR, but I am assuming you will be pretty impressed since a lot of people get excellent gains by putting a yz stock pipe on a wr..

I put a Dr D on my WR450 and noticed a big difference in the low to mid range. As far as sound goes it's not any louder then a stock uncorked WR. The only down side to the pipe is the header blocks the oil filter cover. It's also a lot lighter.

If noise is an issue...


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