screws in tire bead

is it advisable to go the route of drilling a few holes in the edge of the wheel rim, and screwing short sheet-metal type screws into the bead, to hold the tire secure ? ... I remember seeing guys do that years ago, instead of running tire locks ... does anyone do this anymore ?

sounds like a real bad idea to me. Any weak point in a rim worries me.

Never had no probs with bead locks myself.

It's been a long time since I've seen that, but the guys I know that did that drilled the holes for the screws on the inside or top of the rim (same area as the spoke nipples) so that the screws would bite into the bead of the tire in the vertical direction instead of from the side. It only takes a couple to do the trick.

I've never done it myself.

It works but most folks just use rimlocks now.


It works but most folks just use rimlocks now.


True, I wouldn't use screws myself.. But now we have an even better solution.. at least it's been working in the Trials World. It's the Tubeless Tire and Rim!! No rimlocks, no screws and no flats from pinched tubes nor torn valve stems. It doesn't matter if the tire creeps a little on the rim anymore!


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