buying a 250f

does anyone know how the yz 250f stands with the ktm 250 crf 250 or the kx 250, which one is better. anyone selling one in north carolina thats an 03-04-or 05 which one is the better bike.

well team green has been kicking ass in the supercross 125 class on their 250f...

Nothing beets red!

Look at what won all the magazine shoot-outs!


wanna have the most reliable and strongest 250F???......go for the little Yamie!!!

.......but like I see in you bike options, the first question you should ask yourself: do I want a two stroke or a four stroke????

...when this is can`t go wrong with blue...either a YZ250F or a YZ250 and you are all set!!!!

I have never liked the front forks on a Honda dirtbike, as Kawi I Suspension was great the power was ok, but it spent more time in the shop than my girlfriend spends in the bathroom each week. Now the KTM I have never ridden therefore I cannot say. But I now ride a YZ 250 F and have only good things to say about it. The suspension is near perfect, The power is right there everytime and Knock on wood it has never been back to the shop since the day I picked it up in 2002. But I do my maintenance on a continual basis.

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