Did all of the wheelie king's threads get deleted?

Was curious to see his response.

Probably did and should have. It was becoming too personal for some. We are here to help each other...not go at each other.

Wow! where have I been. I don't recall the wheelie king? (Priceless Video) Looks like something I would with that many people watching.:naughty:

Personally, I find it odd that he looped it. He obviously knows what he is doing...maybe his foot slipped off of the brake???

Most novices would have bailed off twisting or breaking ankles and knees, but this guy rode it all the way down as if it were normal, and at very slow speed.

I think that his foot must have slipped off the brake.


Yea he knew what he was doing but some times it just dosent go you way :naughty:

Was curious to see his response.

The thread was deleted. I was reading it yesterday evening, went back to review some of MutualBill's comments (cause they sounded right on the money) and the thread was gone. Probably a good thing too as it got kinda personal.

Are you talking about the Insurance/crash thread?

Maybe I missed the wheelie prince too...

Yeah, the insurance/crash thread. At least that was the one I thought we were referring to.

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