RMZ-450 Large Tank

Does anyone have a large tank for a RMZ-450 yet? IMS? Clark? I would like to start racing my bike in enduros and hare scrambles. :naughty:

Email reply from IMS dated 15/3/05

" I believe one is just being finished up, but it will be another month or so before we receive them. Feel free to email me back then and I can check the status again. Thanks for your inquiry."


IMS Products

I need one of these asap likewise for enduro's. I have seen Acerbis Front Auxillary Tank in their catalog, a 5 litre one wouldnt be such a bad idea. When your main tank runs dry turn a fuel tap and instant 5 litre reserve??


If you hear anything more please advise.



I was told that mine was shipped and would be here today!!!!! from IMS, whether that is true or not, we shall see!!!!! I was told that the first 19 IMS tanks went to Africa, no idea why.......but that is what my inside IMS person said.

ls :naughty:

I was told from IMS that I would have mine in about a week and that was 2 months ago.

2 RMZ 450's finished in the top four in the Desert 100. One of them was right next to me at the huge bottleneck next to the creek. I didn't notice if it had a large capacity tank or not.


Looks like the 4 speed RMZ-450 kicked ass in a 100 mile desert race! Does that mean it went 50 miles on a stock tank? ~PAMF~

I'm not sure what their gas strategy was, but I saw a lot of homemade junk out there on other bikes. Some riders had a pit crew waiting at one of the checkpoints on the course to give them a splash of gas. If they didn't have larger tanks, I'd bet that's what they did. Most had their pit crew setup in the main pit area by the finish line.

Africa .... Greg Albertien has Riding tours over there dosen't he???

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