Another 2 Stroke Jetting Question

I have a 97CR250 with a Keihin Carb. I have a service manual. I was trying to get my needle jet out. I unscrewed the top cap and the spring and the cable are in the sleeve. I pulled the sleeve out and can see the bottom of the needle jet sticking out. The cable runs down the middle thru a 6mm head. The service manual says to push down on that head and turn, the only problem is that I think I need a slotted socket so I can get around the cable. Is there any other way besides using a tool to get this needle jet out of the sleeve?



you pull up on the spring and retainer and then you push the cable down and it comes out a slot in the slide screw and now you can let go of the spring and you have the whole slide in your hand and can take a 6mm socket and 1/2 twist the scrwe and neddle out and there you go.

Thank you Kelstr

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