Pro-Wheels any good?


Just wanted to get some opinions on Pro-Wheels. Excels are too pricey for me and, if I'm not mistaken, you have to replace the spokes which adds $50-$60 a wheel, so I'm thinking about the Pro-Wheels which are about $70 less per set. They state that they are drilled for OEM spokes.

Any opinions on them or possibly having the stock rims anodized black?

Thanks. :naughty:

I have a black anodized set on my son's 2002 RM125. They look very sharp and we have had absolutely no issues with them in race conditions. No bending, no flat spots, no broken spokes, no problems at all! The finish still looks good after several months also.

They are a very good wheel. They were purchased because excels were on back order.

I have Excels on my Yamaha's because they came with them. If I were going to purchase wheels outright again, I would definately consider again.

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