TTR 125L, got a BBR rear spring, how to remove old one?

Well, my local cycle shop gave me an offer I couldn't refuse. I got a BBR spring for 19.99! I have stock suspension (This is my wife's bike). Is it a good idea to put the bbr spring back there without changing the front springs? Is it a good idea to put the BBR back there at all?

If it's a good idea, how do i remove the old spring? Do i need a spring compressor? Any other special tools?

you should get the front springs...I have both and its great!!! All you need to do is put your bike up on a stand or something that gets the rear off the ground and then take off the whole shock unit. Then just use a short but strong flathead screwdriver and a hammer to get the 2 nuts off of the unit(use the hammer and screwdriver like a chisel), but first take the smaller one off and then unscrew the other one the same way. Have somebody hold it very firmly on a flat surface that can take a punch from hitting the screws off with that hammer. And just replace the easy as that to put it back on. You should probably put WD40 on the threads to get the screws off easier. I screwed it back on with my hand and didnt even need to use the hammer to tighten it back up thanks to that WD40! Just bring them back to the same place that you had the screws at in the first place, and then if you need some adjustment then you can screw it on tighter or loosen it :naughty: Good Luck! :naughty: PM me if any questions. Cody

I didnt take the whole thing off. all you really need too do is first take off the back wheel. then before you do anything else loosen the locknuts on the shock with a hammer and punch. once thats loose, remove the bolt connecting the shock too the swingarm, now you can just pop off the old shock spring and put on the new one, then put it back together, piece of cake, and alot easier than taking off the whole shock assembly

NO, it is easy just to take it off, just 2 main bolts. A cresent wrench and another wrench would work great just to get them off. So much easier to work with it when it is off the bike=MUCH MORE ROOM! :naughty::naughty: Good Luck! Cody

yeah all i did with have someone lift the bike up while i puled the shock out... just take out the two bolts, loosen the airbox, and the rear mudflap thing and then when they lift the bike up the swingarm comes down and give u the room you need.... then just muscle it out.

well if hes got the "L" version then that rear shock isn't coming off. i never said anything about pulling the entire rear shock off. just one bolt at the bottom wiggle the shock up and slide the new spring on.. i didn't remove the rear tire either

I do have the L model. Does that mean I have to take the shock off or not?

The other part to my question was, how bad would this be to put on if i dont plan on doing anything different to the front suspension? Also, will this make the bike super uncomfortabel for my 130 pound wife?

no.. you cant really take the rear shock out.. its gas pressurized so unless you want to deal with that mess just leave the shock on.. believe me there is plent of room to work with by just taking the bottom bolt off.. you can take the top off to to make it a little more manuverable.. i think your wife should be fine :naughty:

ok so looking at the shock, all i have to do is remove that one bolt and the bottom of the shock will come out??? That doesn't seem hard, in fact it looks like it would take under 5 minutes to do... Is that right?

ok i'm doing it as we speak... i have the mud flap and tire off, i also un bolted the swing arm. Now what? I cant see what is keeping the shock on right now.. ?!? Pics anyone?

woow. you did a lot of unnecisary work.. but make sure the bike is jacked up.. then you have to get the weight off of the bottom "fork" mounting part of the shock. then i would go ahead and undo the top bolt. if youve undone both top and bottom bolts then and then you need to push down(?) i think to get the shock mount off the swingarm linkage :naughty:

ok i got it changed (thanks everyone). It raised the back about 3 inches, is that normal? Is it possibly that I adjusted the spring too tight?

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