Ogio 9800 gear bag size?

I'm going to US in a couple of weeks and plan to by me a new gear bag.

I have looked at the Ogio 9800 but the problem is that I only can bring baggage with calculated length of 62" but the Ogio 9800 is 68" (Size: 36"x16"x16"). :naughty:

The 9800 bag seems to have hard sides but the top seems to be soft. Is it possible to compress the bag height 4" to fit the flight retrictions? :naughty:

Thanks in advance!

I can whip out the measuring tape though and check for ya. ill try to get it as little as possible and let u no the dimensions

just checked, i guess mine is an F9900... did you put a typo?

o sorry about that, I love the 9900,the thing is huge, it has a changing mat! you may think its dumb, but it keeps rocks outta your boots. I take it when traveling and everything. Its great and holds everything. Take a look at it, i dont know how much the 9800 is, but i got my 9900 for abuot 130USD

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