04 250f throttle twists a long way

Maybe it is just me but I catch myself not twisting the throttle as far as I should to go faster in the woods on my 04 250f. It seems like the throttle twist has a long throw on the twisting action of the tube. Is anybody else noticing this or is it just me and if so are you guys going to a different throttle that has a shorter distance to travel when twisting. This my first 250f so please consider I came from a cr250honda.

They are longer than most two strokes. I actaully like it on the 450, as it makes it easier to control. Just roll it farther. You'll adapt.

just roll it on. its not like its twisting your arm right around. is it?

I have the same issue and thought seriously about getting a "1/4" turn throttle. Didn't end up doing it... guess I just chickened out. Now you've got me thinking about it again. I think it would make me ride more aggressively.


I think im gonna try the 1/4 turn turbo throttle. Im just so used to a 2-stroke, im having a little harder time getting used to a 4-stroke than I thought. If I can find one to fit my 04. Any places to look??

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