Squeaky front brake

I just noticed that when i use my front make it makes a squeaky noise, like something isnt oiled. Now I know you dont oil the rotor or pads or anything, that would be retarded. Is there something else that would be causing it to make the squeaking noise? Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Kevin.

Usually this will go away by replacing the brake pads.

My DR350 frt brake squeeked since the day it was made until we changed the pads. I guess I did not break the pads in properly.

Hmm, the pads are not old, and I didn't know you had to break in brake pads? Its a 2004 xr250.

My front brakes squeal like a pig whenever I apply them really hard on downhills. They did it with the stock Honda pads, and they still do it, even though I switched to Moose pads recently.

Maybe they don't like hauling 230lbs down to a quick stop?

It only happens when I hit the brakes fast, I dont have to be going fast, just hit them fast, and It stops after a second or two of having the brake on. If it is nothing to be concerned about, I wont worry myself with it. Thanks

My front brake does the same thing. I checked the pads and they look fine.

Sounds like dust on the pad backing plate. Pull the pads out, clean the backsides and the calipers. You can also sand the rough edges of the brake lining surface to help. "bevel" the leading edge of the pad.

Put some copper grease on the REAR of the pads. :naughty:

My 250 does it once in a while too...

mine is doing the same thing. had a friend suggest carb cleaner on the rotor itself. said it would take care of any dust/grim that might be on them.

curious what copper grease on the rear of the pad would do?

My thought would be to bleed your brakes....I know some of the guys I ride with have boiled their brakes, they then start to squeak, they bleed them and the squeek is gone. I could be totally wrong but it's a thought.

Use brake cleaner instead of carb cleaner. Carb cleaner has a small amount of lubricant and may cause damage to the pad where non-clorinated brake cleaner will not.

In order for your brakes to squeak something has to be vibrating thus making the noise. Look for loose parts I.E. pads fitting loosely worn slides etc. And pad surface and rotor surface should also be smooth, free of contaminates. Anything that can cause a vibration or vibrate can create a noise or sound that would be undesirable to our human ears.

I went out riding after i posted this, and realized its coming from the lever itself, I had the bike stopped and engine off, and tried the brake, it comes from the lever.

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