neutral switch assembly??????????????????

why would you take this out and what is gained by it. my bike seems to want to slip into neutral pretty often. how can I fix this or is there a fix for it. isn't this hard on the transmision??

any help??

Most likely it's not that it's slipping into neutral, it's just that you arent getting it fully into gear. This happens a lot shifting down from second to first.

You can file the shift star to make it better.

First of all, the neutral safety switch does not prevent you from slipping into neutral. It simply "tells" the CDI that the tranny is in neutral. With this info, the CDI reduces the rev limiter and the amount of spark sent to the plug. This prevents overreving/blowing the engine while in neutral.

Why would you want to remove this? A few reasons (none which are actually that good):

1) Becasue you can

2) To replace it with a site window for a wet-sump conversion

3) To save about 5-6 ounces of weight and remove an ugly wire harness from the frame

4) In the old days (2001-2002) we thought that the starting problems on some bikes may have been related to the reduced spark sent to the plug.


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