Dual Sporting in AZ

Arizona has had some good precipitation this winter and we were rewarded with a desert that has lit up in color. There’s a certain beauty in the Sonoron desert like no other place around. Plants and trees have to be very hearty as surviving in the brutal summer with no rain takes it toll. Hope you enjoy.

My buddies Scott & Bruce wishing I would hurry up and take the damn picture!


I dragged Scott off the track to trailride.


Four Peaks in the distance.


I have recently got my XR400 licensed for the street and have been having a great time exploring. Here are some pics from a recent 150 mile ride. :naughty:


The top of Four Peaks with Bill and Mike.


The backside of Four Peaks heading down to Roosevelt Lake. We went from sweating our ass off on a rocky hillclimb to cold conditions. :naughty:


I never knew owning a XR400 could be so much fun, thanks Maicoman!


Overlooking Apache Lake. On this ride we would go by Saguaro, Roosevelt, Apache and Canyon Lake. And people think AZ is dry, barren and dusty…..shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone. lol [:D]



The top of Apache Trail


Final destination––The Mammoth Saloon, looking at the infamous Superstition Mountains at sunset.


Kathy enjoys the flora at Bills house after a ride.


Red Mountain



These are from a camping trip on the way back from racing at Verde with Don and his girl Cathy.



AJ and Mojo soaking up the rays (where’s my sunglasses?) [8D] lol


Overlooking the campsite, with Sabrina looking down at Momma.


Up on the cliff there were some old Indian grinding holes.


Cathy rolls some mean dice!


Sweet pics, man! I just got my 03 XR250 street legalized, it's a blast! :naughty: You are right, I ran the Coyote Classic race in February, and it was green and gorgeous up there by Wickenburg!! All the washes were running, and the temperatures were perfect. :naughty: I love AZ, it has a little bit of everything. Nice thread...... :D

Nice pics! :naughty:

Actually, too nice. :D

Now everbody is going to want to move here and it's already too crowded. :D

Next time mix in a few pics of scorpions, Black Widows, and Rattlers. :naughty:


Nice pics! :naughty:

Actually, too nice. :D

Now everbody is going to want to move here and it's already too crowded. :D

Next time mix in a few pics of scorpions, Black Widows, and Rattlers. :cry:


Thx guys, and yes there are too many here already, but if it's dirt bikers it's ok with me. :D

Can you see the pics or do you have to click on the link???

Never use to do that? :naughty:

Doing the 4 saloon ride this w/e if anyone wants to join us…. :thumbsup:

Thats where I live and would not trade it for the world.

Holy thread resurrection! Haha sweet pics Gary

Well we survived the 4 Saloon Ride just barely. Clocked 190 miles on my ODO.

Arrived home at night, tuckered out but well worth the effort. This ride was not for the squeamish maybe that’s why so many flaked out.

Hard to believe it was six years since the last one—won’t make that mistake again.

Might havta sneak in another one before HELL (115) breaks loose here in AZ.

Haven’t had time to put together a slide show but here’s a sneak preview of the Brutal Conditions we endured….:thumbsup:

btw guys I have some cool XR 400 parts if anyone is interested, pm me.


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