Has anyone had problems with Tennis Elbow while riding? I have just been told I have tennis elbow and the more I ride the worse it hurts. Thought maybe I could get some input from other riders.

I personally have not, but a girl I ride with does. She wears a tennis elbow brace while riding and says it helps a lot.

I have had it for months and it started when I threw a softball too far. It hasn't healed for two reasons 1. I haven't stopped using it (dirt bikes, gym, football, etc.) and 2. I haven't actually one to the doctor to have him look at it.

Get it checked and follow through with physical therapy (or so I've been told).


How bad is the pain, and how long has it been going on? I have had various chonic things that stemmed from overuse. I have had tendonitis and other things that I just kept ignoring until they got so bad that it became difficult to the activities that were aggravating it. I hate not doing the things that I love to do. A good example is that I got hit in the upper chest on Saturday

by a guy I was sparring. By the end of the night it turned to a nagging dull ache to a sharp pain when ever I took a deep breath, or twisted my body doing normal stuff. I had plans to ride the next day. I convinced myself that since it only hurt putting on my gear, and picking up the bike it would be alright to ride because it wasnt really painful riding. Let me tell you, I have felt like hell the last few days, but I don't think riding the 42 miles had any impact. :naughty:

With these kind of injuries you can see a sports doctor or Physical therapist which I would recommend. They will all tell you to tone down you activities and see if that helps. They will probably recommend taking NSAIDS such as Motrin for the inflammation (I rarely take that stuff). I was battling a knee thing that kept killing be every time I rode. The doc told me to take a break (It was so bad I had no choice) and he gave me some exercises. I couldn't believe it these goofy little exersices worked and I was back on the bike. Like someone mentioned earlier, they do make a brace/arm band thing that is really supposed to help with pain of tennis elbow. If you have insurance you might as well get it looked at.

Another expenisive thing that may help a little is a steering stabilizer. I just got one for my bike and I cannot believe how less sore my upperbody was and how much longer I could ride. It really made my shoulders feel less tired. I don't know if it would help you, but I was really surprised how less beat up I felt...that is with the buised rib.

Thanks everyone!

Yes, I've had it forever. I ride Hare Scrambles (Womens Expert) and I've found ice (10-15 minutes two or three times a day) has helped more than anything (suggested by a doctor at work). Also, I went to Walmart and got one of the more expensive tennis elbow braces (the one with the air bubble pack) and wear it at night. So far, it seems better than it has in what seems like months. The strange part about it, it doesn't hurt right after riding, it seems to settle in late that night and the next day. I also think the hard clutch on the YZF for 35 miles at a time doesn't help.

Hope you find this helps you.

Hey pit you must have that rubbed right away!! Fork Oil works great, I am cheap and come with my own PJ1 5wt fork oil,by the hour or by the day whatever works for you. 805 376-SILLY

ha ha ha

Steering dampener might help.

I was recently diagnosed with tendonitis. Was told to change my habits for 3 to 4 months for it to heal. Problem is.... NO WILL POWER! Still riding every weekend and typing away. Doc said at this rate it will never heal. Oh well... Guess I'll have to get a 2nd opinion. Seriously though... The only time it doesn't hurt, is when I'm using it heavily. Usually worse when I wake up in the morning. Ice helps, ACE bandage at work, and lots of rest. Dr. Fareed (dr. for the Davis Cup Tennis Team) develped a device called the "Band-it". Supposed to work wonders for tennis elbow. Might want to give it a try. Good luck, and remember.... surgery should be the LAST RESORT!!!

I am a baby when it come to surgery so it would be my LAST resort. I had cortizone shots also and it hurt worse getting the shots then my elbow hurt in the 1st place. I will never do that again!

I have an office job so not like I can slow down for 3 to 4 months!

Use some ice 20 mins 2 to 3xs a day. Ice can do wonders.

Use Advil if you HAVE to but don't live on it.

I have continuing problems with my right wrist. It hurts when I ride but I got a pretty good brace and that coupled with ice...seems to keep it in check.

Typing. Make sure your board set up is not aggravating the situation. Will a chair with armrests help? What about an ergonomic keyboard??

Cortizone can do more harm than good. It numbs the pain allowing you to use your affected limb pain-free. This could cause extensive damage to an injury that has yet to be diagnosed. I had those shots once, and have been avoiding them ever since. They give a false sense of "I'm OK". At least with the pain, I know to take if easy.

I finally had to go back to the doctor. My hand went to sleep on Monday night and Tuesday morning still felt the same way. Well now they are saying instead of having Tennis Elbow I have Cubital Tunnel Syndrome. It's like carpal tunnel but in the nerve damage is in the elbow. If it's in the elbow then why are they making me wear a wrist brace for Carpal Tunnel??? :naughty: I have to wear it for 7 - 10 days and if it doesn't get better then I have to have nerve test done. I don't like needles in the 1st place!

Ouch! Is it from the inflamation pressing on the nerves?

I have the same problem pit. I actually cracked my elbow in a crash and developed "tennis elbow" from the crash. What you want to do is go buy a good set of elbow guards. I run the upper end fox elbow guards. Make them thight as hell, it will prob work for you too. I only have probs with it when i hit hard on the side of my bad elbow. So dont fall, ha good luck with that.

Make them thight as hell, it will prob work for you too.

I'd advise against anything 'tight as hell' when dealing with a compression syndrome, as it could aggravate it. :naughty:


I had a similar injury from Kayaking. Was told it was tennis elbow. I went to an accupunturist and with two treatments the pain went away. Its been gone for two years or more now.

Reminds me of a blonde joke (I can tell em cause I are one).

A male jogger is running in the city. He sees a tennis ball lying by the curb so picks it up. Since he doesn't have any pockets, he puts it in his jogging shorts. At the next intersection, he's jogging in place waiting for the walk sign to change. A blonde walks up & waits for the light also. She happens to notice the uh bulge in his shorts & says "What's THAT?" :naughty:

Guy looks at her & says "Tennis ball." "Oh, MY, THAT must be really painful, I had tennis elbow once!!!" :naughty:

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