'00 400S rear spring trade?

I weigh about 220, and am looking to beef up the rear suspension on my 2000 400S because when I sit down on the seat, it looks like I'm killing the poor bike :naughty: -- I've looked around and it appears that they don't make springs for my fat ass anymore :naughty:

Does anyone out there have one to trade, or have any info where I can get one? Also, should I do anything to the front? My forks look like they are leaking oil, so I was thinking of re-doing the springs in the front while I'm at it if it's worthwile.

I mainly ride on pavement, dirt/fire roads and trails -- no motorcross for me.

The racetech site says to go to a .492 (or closest) rear spring???

I have never done it to my bike, becaus I weigh 180. I would like to beef up my suspension without having to buy a racetech. Is there a way I can do this. Has anybody done this before?

I have heard that the front should be replaced as well. Again, I have never replaced mine. They are ok for me and my weight!


woolrich...White Brothers did sell a 5.8 (and other sizes) shock spring. The TT store sells WB stuff, email them and ask if they are available. Eibach also sells springs for the DRZ.

woolrich and yall...if you change the rear spring rate you will need to change the front spring rate as well. The front and rear suspension is designed to work together. Make one part stiffer without a corresponding change in the other and you will notice the difference. And it's not a positive difference either.

yall...Other than tightening up the sag adjustment I don't know of a way to beef up the rear suspension without installing a stiffer spring. But I'm not an expert, so keep checking and maybe someone will have a suggestion.

I tried the racetech website, and for the front, it says .440(stock) I'm thinking it's because they don't make any front springs at all for it -- does anyone have an idea of what front springs to look for?

woolrich, I'm a little bit heavier than you and stand about 6'4" so I've been researching this before I get my bike this month. Eibach makes a .48 front fork springs for the DRZ and that's the one to go with for the front. As far as the rear goes, I"m thinking probably a 5.8......but like others have said, I"m not an expert. I think this is the setup I'm going to be going with though.

I was 225 lbs when I set up my suspension. I ride mostly trail but do some motocross with my son. Used the Racetech spring rate calculator but got my springs from White Brothers. The springs I have are listed in my garage. I believe it's a 5.8 in the rear and 0.50 front, but check to make sure. Sounds like about your weight, but you might want to go softer if you're not doing mx. So a 0.46 or 0.48 in front and a 5.6 in the rear. If you weren't all the way across the country you could ride mine to try it out first. Of course if you want to fly to Reno you could still do it.

Looks like the best I can get for the front is .48 -- the rear is going to either be 5.7 or 5.9 -- it says ideal is 5.82

Should I go with the 5.7 or 5.9?

Thanks for the help!

5.9. Then if it's too stiff you can soften it with your sag adjustment and have a bit more travel. If you go 5.7 then have to stiffen with the sag adjustment you'll lose a bit of travel.

Thanks again! -

Just an FYI, we can do a special order .50 fronts for the heavier guys. They are in stock.



Thanks for the heads up Ryan. That's good to know. I'll be upgrading my suspension at some point and I dress out about 235lbs in gear.

No problem. Just shoot me a line and I will let you know who can custom order this spring for you in your area :)

Up-rated springs for DRZ. I have located the following for my DRZ.

Front springs stock .44. I have ordered Progressive springs that

are rated .45 to .55 kg/mm or as they quote 4.4 to 5.5 kg/cm.

Priced at £62.00 inc. oil, and fitting instructions.

From http://www.hagon-shocks.co.uk/main1st.htm

The Rear springs are from Demon Tweeks and are available from

5 kg/mm up-to 17.5 kg/mm average price in the spring ranges that apply to DRZ's is £25.00.

www.demon-tweeks.co.uk or E-Mail sales@demon-tweeks.co.uk

Both Companies ship world wide.

Neil. :):)

PS. How fat do you have to be, to need a 17.5 kg spring.

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