Anybody ever ridden a Husaberg?

Their 650 4-stroke looks pretty mean, just wondering if it is worth the $1400 over the price of a WR450? The ATK looks pretty cool with fuel injection. Anybody know anything about these two bikes? Likes/Dislikes.


MXJunky had a '94 ATK350 and broke two frames, but the bike was fun to ride when oil wasn't spewing everywhere. Well, it was even fun to oil the trail, MXJunky just had to keep a spare quart oin hand. The 'Junky also rode a '95 Big Bore Husaberg, that bike ripped. These are both old models now, so the new bikes may be worlds apart.

Their 650 4-stroke looks pretty mean, just wondering if it is worth the $1400 over the price of a WR450?

maybe you should look in the exotics forum where most of the husaberg riders hang out. or check out

imagine a wr450 that is lighter, nimbler, has better suspension (05), is twice as fast, and looks prettier. thats an fe650. you might have to work on it more but the 05's (and 04's) are looking pretty solid and reliable these days.

imho tho, unless you're racing in the dezert, that 650 motor will only slow you down for racing. after riding a 650, i got a hankering for the 550 myself.


I'd own one in a second. My next bike will be a Husaberg or a Husky (if I can afford one)! They are unbelievably light, smooth and flickable power. I have several friends who just bought Huskys and are reallly impressed with them. I rode my bf's Husaberg 650 in the desert several times and absolutely loved it. It was geared too high for me to ride on tight mtn. trails but better riders than me don't seem to have any complaints.

My dad is getting rid of his new KTM525 for a new Husaberg because he couldn't believe the difference.

I've ridden 450,550, and 650's (04 and 05) Husabergs. I can't imagine how nuts the 650 dirt bike must be,cause the 650 supermoto is a freakin powerhouse. The 550 enduro is probably the best dirt bike I've ever ridden,easily able to top 100mph in the dirt- but not w/ me on it !!!! The 550 seems to be the one everyone loves. Let me know if you have any specific questions,but you will find that there isn't much that I dislike about the Berg's!!! I mostly hang in the supermoto forum, I'll be racing a new 450 this year. Oh, as far as the price difference, just look at the components, WP,Brembo,Excell,Magura, the details have not been overlooked.

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