Breather pipe/Black sludge box

I have just completed the FCR swap on my S and would like know what you guys that have done the conversion by buying an E bell mouth are doing about the breather pipe that goes to the black sludge box?

The S bellmouth had a fitting for this pipe, nothing on the one for the E.

I only just finished the swap and presently am running with no vent pipe. This is not good as I could be dragging in unfiltered air into my engine….

Can I plug the black box or will this upset the airflow and get oil leaking out of the valve cover?

it just vents to the air.thats how it is on E models.

Great, I'll leave it as it is since it blows not sucks!

I'm not sure exactly what your doing with the crankcase ventilation system??. But?, keep the vent tube as high as possible, & beware of the possability of the engine getting water into the engine!!. Not only deep stream crossings!!. I found out the hard way on my XR650 that even washing the bike!!, could cause problems!! :naughty:

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