Question for you RMZ450 owners.....

My 03 RM250 was stolen last week so it's time for a new bike. :D As much as I love 2 strokes I guess at 40 yrs old it's time for a 4 stroke. :naughty::D Being the only guy in a group of 20 riders that I ride with every weekend that has a Yellow bike on plan on staying Yellow. :naughty:

I have read all the reviews and have a few questions.

1) I thought I read that the triple clamps were adjustable for taller riders.... true ?? It would be nice not to have to buy a new top clamp.

2) I ride strickly MX am 225 without gear and am a b rider. Does the bike only need new springs or is a revalve really necassary ?? My 03 needed a revalve but the mags act like the new suspension is really great.

3) I like a lot of low end power, is going to a 50 tooth rear sprocket required ?? Or is the new Boyesen shot enough of an improvement ??

Anything else I should be aware of ?? My dealer has two 450's and I can get it for $5,999.00 plus all the taxes and BS.


The bar clamps are reversable.. You can turn them 180 degrees and it pushes the bar forward.. I am 6'3 230lbs.. I had mine revalved but wish I would have just done springs.. The stock valving is very good once you get it set up.. You may want to run stiffer springs and lower your oil in the forks..

I put a 50tooth rear sprocket and made just perfect for me.. I also ride mx only and the 50 tooth made a very good difference. U may want to go with a tall seat, at 6'3 and I have the highest bar bend the fat bars come in (RC high) I need a tall seat for sure..

Also get a stainless steal reusable oil filter, change the oil and filter every 3-4 rides and your good to go.. I have not had any wrong with my bike and ive been riding it 2-3 times a week for a couple months now.. Coming off a two stroke u will love this bike, I had a 04' crf 450 and also a 05' yz 250 two stroke and sold it and got the 450 rmz and love it.. My favorite thumper ive owned..

Good luck

Ditto's on what Hoss is saying. I have been a 2 stroker for 25+ years. Rode the crf-450 and the Yz. They were great but having been Yellow for so many years decided to stick with it. I have not been sorry, I would have a very hard time going back. I can't say enough good about this machine. For your weight springs will probably be a good choice. ENJOY!!

I am 6'2" 300 lbs and race MX only. I am a top level B rider (won provincial series here in Ontario). I have only had the chance to ride mine 3 times now and I find that there is a lot of room for me just the way the bike is outta the box. I will have the suspension done valving and springs but I've still got u by 75 lbs. I wouldn't worry too much about low end. I read some of the complaints on here and I truly believe that most of these guys complaining spend too much time reading about their bikes instead of riding them. It's a 4 stroke, it has lots of low end pull. If u are coming off a 2 stroke ride it out of the crate before you even start to think about adding any more low end. My bike pulls hard from top to bottom. I'm no RC but I know I will never use all it's power anyway. Good luck :naughty:

I hear ya adman, I have yet to ride mine, tomorrows the day! Im not a big boy like you guys so I expect no problems with suspension, and I know that any 450 made will have power up the arse no matter what gear Im in. You dont happen to ride down here in MN do you? I have run against a canuck on a KTM520........No disrespect intended....

I don't think it has much low compared to the other brands (which I've owned) nor revv out as far, but other than that this bike is awesome

The moto chump is corect . I ride a rmz . I have put some money into mine but I pay coast.The bikes power is very smooth, by no means slow.It shines in the handling department. Its not going to lose a race only the rider can do that.Nobody builds a bad bike anymore.

Never raced in Minn. but did do a bit of racing in Mich. and no offense taken.

I am 6'2" 300 lbs and race MX only.

I would get out of your way as fast as I could If you came racing up behind me. Thats a lot of momentum you carry. :naughty::naughty::D

I have the RM-Z450 and I let one of the local pros ride it. He has an 05 CRF450. Here is what he said.

Low end power on the RM-Z450 was more user friendly, the CRF has more of a hit but it is not as easy to control out of tight corners. The RMZ felt lighter in the air and was eaiser to throw around. The suspension he thought was great and had no problems with it being stock. I weight 193lbs. Then of course it turned better. I think the Honda is a great bike, but the Suzuki for me was a better choice comming off of a 05 RM250.

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