crf150 suspension problem

So my cousins crf150 has a lil bit of a problem .... idk how he did it, but he tells me "cmon cus, fix it please " lol. now im guessin he blew his rear shock ... now does he need to go out and buy a new one ? or is there anyway he/ I can fix it ? basically the rear of the bike bounces up and down, with pushing it slightly ! any help suggestions, where to buy the part online would be appreated ! thanks

I have a used one for sale...

how much ? and how many hrs ?

well,i dont think you should just jump to the conclusion of buying a new rear shock.actually i cant really understand what you said was wrong with it,but Im guessing its the spring (yellow twirly thing around the pole)maybe its too soft and it just compresses and decompresses too easily,in that case,you might just need a new shock or spring or w/ can tighten it up,but I dont know off the top of my head how to do it,id have to go look at a 150.i think you just need a hammer and a flathead or chisel.

Dunno... works like every other 150 shock I have ridden... make me an offer!

Sorry... I don't know how many hours because I am the second owner... but it is in good shape...

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