Metcalf ride Day April 10th

Event Name: Metcalf ride day

Date: Sunday, April 10th

Location: Metcalf Motorcycle Park

300 Metcalf Road

San Jose, CA 95138

Contact Name: Rex

Phone Number: 408-499-1515


The bay area dealerships are putting together a ride day at Metcalf Motorcycle Park this Sunday, April 10th. The event is sponsored by Twenty20, Leo Vince, and M2R. The sponsors will be running free product demos/try-ons all day. Additionally, those that participate in the event will qualify for discounts at select dealerships.

Good point, I'll jump over there and make the post right away.

And yes, we will have 8 complete Helmet cameras that are open for anyone to test out for free. Bring your camcorder if you've got one, you can check the compatibility list:

If you don't have one that's ok because we'll bring our own recording decks as well.

Additionally, Leo Vince will have 12 slip-ons, and M2R is bringing a ton of helmets and fresh liners.

Hope to see everyone there!

That's cool, thanks for posting. Ill be there for sure!

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